Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stormy Weather

I was working as a leasing agent after Hurricane Katrina. My complex along with so many others decided to open our community to some of the many families who had to relocate here after the tragic event. I will never forget the looks of hopelessness and lost that so many had. Nor will I forget those who were just thankful to be alive. They didn't care that they had lost their whole material lives or that they were thrust into an unknown new world. Just grateful that God spared them and their families and for the chance to begin again. As Issac looms in on the Gulf coast again, I pray for these families. I pray that the levees hold and we do not have a repeat of Katrina. I pray God covers them. I also pray that if disaster is to be that the gov't does what's its suppose to this time.

In other news... CYA is in full effect at work. It should have been all along  but you know  me always giving people the benefit of the doubt. I  no longer want to fight,what's the point. I just know what I know and there is no coming back from that.

President Obama 2012!!!! Be blessed ya'll.


Yang Digs Deep said...

I love these comments about the Katrina, and the south but lets keep this shit real, the robbers and the muggers are going to look for people they can rob, rape, torment and any other thing you can think of. Also I hope the Police do not go door to door and remove the residents firearms like before. I saw the DVD on this shit, and the Police should have gotten their guns taken from them. Oh! yeah in life you have to cover your ass with work related issues, and personal, real talk. I love reading the material on this blog, please keep telling us the truth.....Yeah!

Blu Jewel said...

Hey lady! Been a while since I've come by so I'm checking in.

People will be people regardless and CYA is essential at all times and in some occasions it simply needs to be the armour for the day.

Stay well