Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sometimes I Wonder Why

This has been a week. I didn't watch Whitney's funeral. It was just too much for me. I know that they sent her home well though. I have been avoiding the media attention to the matter. I pray for her child, her family I pray for those that speak ill and unkindly. People are so quick to assume the worst. I have heard so many opinions and I just have to wonder. Do you really know? I've always said that I want to be comfortable, never wealthy. Never so famous that I can't walk down the street without a camera in my face. I can't imagine how hard life was for Whitney. I can't imagine having any issue with drugs. I'm thankful, but I'm also saddened because whatever her demons were, they were hers and she dealt with them the best way SHE knew how.I've had one friend say when you take on a celebrity status you give up part of your life. This may be true, but to what extent? I don't think paparazzi, should be allowed anywhere near their homes or private affairs without serious repercussions. I think people are so much in awe of celebrities they develop a need to know every detail and go too far. They forget, that they are human beings; and they have to go through ups and downs with the world watching.Just think of that for a minute. Think of your most embarrassing moment that only you and ( a few others) know about. Can you imagine the world knowing?Aren't we all guilty of making poor choices? Some I know are worst than others, yet we all have. I cannot judge Whitney as so many have. I have my own salvation to worry about and my judge is the only one I will have to answer to. I never knew death, until my mom died. There, I've finally said it. I always say passed because I can accept that more. I'm working through it,( Another blog, another time). I said that to say, let this woman rest. I think the thing that keeps my sanity is knowing that my mother is resting well.Although she meant the world to me. My family and I did not have to deal with the crap the Houston family has an will have to. . We have lost another extraordinary talent, yet they lost so much more. The most beautiful thing we can do to celebrate, cherish and honor her is to let her family grieve and let them be. Rest well Whitney.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Loving You

Happy Valentines Day!!!
Silly me, I asked a few gentlemen if they are ready for Valentines day. I got an ear full. Of how "the man" has made this holiday up. ( Aren't they all man made?) and how this is a day for women and men are made to feel badly if they don't get their wives or girlfriends SOMETHING. They went on and on about how they are doing it everyday for their wives and girlfriends and how this day shouldn't be any different from any other. How this day is for the suckers, who made mistakes and this is a day to make up for those mistakes. BULLSHIT!!!, I say. My parents were married for over 50 years and my father NEVER missed this holiday. My mom has been deceased nearly two years and my father still bought a card and placed it next to her Urn. What is wrong with a day all about LOVE? What is so wrong with acknowledging it even more so today? They argued they paid the mortgage, they paid the light bill. WTH??? Don't you live there too?I'm not taking anything away from the men/women holding it down and doing their things. I'm just saying there is nothing wrong with celebrating that love you have for one another today. Whether it be with gifts or not.Spending quality time together I'm sure would be appreciated by many more than flowers or candy. Watching the kids while you go out. Or even washing the dishes after our meal . It doesn't have to be monetary. That is where I think the confusion comes in with men.If you are really doing all the right things, then even to women this is just another day. But we are sentimental creatures and a card( bought or made. a poem or even an " I love you" written on the steamed up mirror will pull at our heartstrings. With all that is going on in the world, we need to grab every chance we can get to say I love you and you mean something to me.It's not just for women, we are just more appreciative of it, I think. I just don't know how this day became so negative to so many.