Friday, May 25, 2007

Easy Being Green

- "I'm green and I guess that's just the way I'm supposed to be."

How many strong,beautiful women do you know who are overweight? ThoseFAT( yes I said it,with an F. I'm one of them so I can call it what it is) women that have told society that what they think is a healthy weight for them is bullshit. Gorgeous ladies doing the damn thing. I know a few. But, until I read my doctors chart ( being nosey)...Don't get me wrong I'm 5'2". I knew I needed to shed a few pounds but according to height/weight ratio, I am OBESE. I rationalized that people carry weight differently, and there is no way on earth( even on the best crack you can get a receipt for) that I will get to 110-131(MAX) range.After seeing those words Obeseblah,blah,blah, obese blah,blah,blah obese...I told myself well then dammit that's what I'm supposed to be. I became frustrated with the whole damn process,why should I do this to myself? So I'm not a 7 so what? I'm not a 20 either. Damn you Lean Cuisine!!! I want a pizza, I want Breyers Mint Chocolate chip and Chip Ahoy cookies. I want a Pepsi! With all the caffiene allowed by law...
Obese...Ha!, I started thinking these people are crazy, and trying to make me crazy too...I had given up. Then I thought of the Big, Beautiful ladies that I know. And these sisters are fine,accomplished, fierce women, and they seem truly content in life and love.They can dress their big asses off and the confidence these sisters have is admirable. Then I thought of my breathing lately when I have to walk one step further than my car door. I thought of all the different sizes that hang in my closet. I thought of the heart disease and cancer that is in my immediate family and realized that although it may be easy. I can't be green.

Lean Cuisine's Tucson chicken is actually pretty good and so was the cup of Breyers instead of the bowl.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Party All The Time

My girls birthday was this past week so when she said, " Wendy you should come up here." I thought cool. A mini vacation. I could go chill in VA and get my mind right. The plan was to leave work at 3 and be there around 7. Seven-thirty the latest. When I pulled out at FIVE I realized that I may not make the party.Yet, I pressed on, despite the fact that she moved from Oceanview and I haven't been to the new place. So here I am trying to read my directions and drive. All while noticing that my surroundings look similar to that movie Wrong Turn. Not one to be caught by deranged,cannibals, I decided to toss the directions and find a main Hwy.
My friend has just turned 44 and I swear she could pass for 30. I told her she should bottle whatever she is working with. She makes me sick. She is a karaoke fool so of course her party was held at a Karaoke Bar. Sis can blow too.When that ended we went back to her place and sat up until 4 A.M. catching up. This was her weekend so I told her whatever you want to do, I'm game. She decided she wanted to go to the some museum and Colonial Williamsburg(Where she basically walked me to death). Did I MENTION I came from work? But, I didn't want to be the pooper left at home,so I went. On the way back she decided we should go see Spiderman. Which I thought was cool but my body was like. What the hell is wrong with you? After the movie, we went out to eat, then back to Karaoke. Damn I'm tired. My girl is not only older than me but she also has much more energy. Even after all this, she went into work today. I don't have to be back until tomorrow and I'm already thinking of excuses.

I used to be able to hang with her like this back in the day. Not anymore. When I got home today I slept for five hours straight. And I still feel tired. I know I burned both ends this weekend but, somehow I feel like I'm losing cool points.