Monday, August 27, 2007

Get To This

No more blogger at work.No more anything. I'm surprised I can get the Yellow Pages. As if I have time when I come home and read all the blogs I do.Man, why is it that many have to suffer because of the few? Why can't they just cut the fool off who downloaded the internet porn. How out of control are you that you can't stay away from porn at work? It's creepy.What is really going on in your life? And why isn't he fired anyway? He was given a final warning. That is bullshit. Let me try that. Let me get on Ebay for a couple of hours and management will make a special trip to escort my ass off the premises.

I'm in love with this guy. Big Mike from Making the Band 4. He made the band. I've liked him from the start. Not because he is from Gaffney N.C. I could care less. It might as well be Nutbush. I like Mike because the dude can blow. He never gave up although Diddy was riding him hard about the weight. Dude lost 50 pounds. He did the damn thing. Diddy didn't pick Bryan H. though, I think it was out of spite. He made the boy cut his hair ( locs that he was growing for 4 years) and then still cut him.This guy could sing too. I liked this season more than the others.

Did anyone hear Nephew Tommy on the Steve Harvey Morning Show today? He called this woman pretending to be a store security guard asking her to come in because she is suspected of stealing. I damn near wrecked my car, I was laughing so hard. This dude is funny. Please tune in if you haven't.

My doctor gave me good news..SEE...I told y'all the DEVIL IS A LIAR!!!

I have a two day budget meeting.Yes,I'm packing again...ughhhhhhhh!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Do You

I do not like potlucks at work. This time someone came up with the bright idea to include clients. As I look at the spread, I am associating dishes with people for instance Catwoman (hmm..three kitties) bought a spinach dip.She has enough cat hair on her chair to make a sweater.( I've seen pictures of her cat walking walking on her counters)...I'm good, thanks. Then there is Chatty-Patty whom I am sure cannot pay attention to details long enough to make this whatever this is. It's supposed to be potato salad...I don't think so. She put apples in it too?...Yum. Did you think that up yourself? I want to smack her for this one. Youngsta(26),bought meatballs, they are floating in oil. I don't think missy drained them . I mean I like her and all but, uh there is no way in hell that I am going to eat those greasy meatballs. One client bought cabbage, Ms.Nasty, I have this motto,If you don't wash your ass...need I say anymore? Another made a cake. It really does look good, but no.Another made baked-beans and even if I did eat them I wouldn't today because I know they may not all be beans. I bought paper products and drinks because I know some people feel like I do. I just cannot eat every ones food.It's nothing personal. My stomach is not made of cast iron and somethings are not meant for me to ingest.. Mr. Comedian bought chips,thank God! Wait is that Bojangles??? I will take my chances with that.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

You Got Me

I know, I have been commenting on blogs sporadically please forgive me I have a lot going on this month.Since taking this position 8 months ago I have been enlightened on a few things. I really undercut myself on the pay, but if you don't know, you don't.I will take that blame for not doing my homework. There were 4 people in this position in the last year. Hmm,things that make you say WTF? Can everyone be wrong?
No they can't. I understand why the ran away screaming. But on other days when a client stops in and says something to brighten my day. It seems worth it. Wendy loves the kids. Anyway, never the quitter I am hangin'in.

In other news...I have blogged about the relationship my brother and I had for most of our lives. I contribute it now to the fact that we are both stubborn and spoiled. But last week my brother confided in me some things he wanted his big sisters opinion on. It touched me. All this time, I thought the boy needed meds. Turns out,he doesn't. Ain't God good?

I got some bad news from the doctor last week. For a very short while I was down. But baby I'm back!. So I am saying and TYPING aloud. THE DEVIL IS A LIAR! I have things to do.

Can R please stop releasing gospel songs around his court dates? If he was stepping in the name of God he wouldn't have these problems.Nuff said...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Look Of Love

I pride myself on being able to come out of awkward situations unscathed, but recently I was hit with a doosie and now I'm feeling a little bad about it. Z and I are cool. He is a constant flirt but married so I cannot go there. But he gets plenty of attention from the ladies because he is attractive as well. He claims to have never cheated in his marriage and hell all I can do is take him at his word.

Whenever we are speaking of some of the women we know and I say she is pretty, or cute he ALWAYS has a negative comment. Like "She has a nice face but she fat, or she has a bangin bod, but her face is tore the hell up" Being that bruh always has something to say I thought for sure that his wife must look like a super model.

Well, I saw his wife the other day in pictures. The wild thing is his boy just just threw them down like PlADOW!!! I think for shock effect because he wanted to see my reaction. He's sneaky like that. Anyway, thankfully I was on a call so I wasn't hit full blast with it. You know how people will avoid calling ugly babies cute? They start talking about how fat they are, or the outfit the child has on. Well, I couldn't even do that. I mean it was all I could do to hold a straight face. I couldn't bring myself to comment about anything.Everything was jacked up!It would have been crazy as hell for me to say that is a nice hairdo.I mean damn the only thing missing from ol' gurl was a bearskin and a club. I'm sorry. After the shock wore off, I managed to comment on the background. I don't really think he sees her how she is. I mean I KNOW love is blind but I wanted to shout "Z, don't ever, ever, evereverevereverrrr, call another woman fat or ugly!" After he left us all sitting there looking either shocked, bewildered or amazed, I kinda felt bad for him.No one wanted to say anything but you could see " What the hell was that, or are we being punk'd?" in all our faces. Finally, Mr. Comedian in our group said, "Those were some nice shoes she had on.We laughed until, we had to race to the bathroom. Normally, I wouldn't but the way ol' boy talks about other women. He brought it on himself.