Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Let Your Hair Down

Hair Trauma
- Before you guys start clowning me. YES I do have hair! Long thick uncooporative hair. So I like to wear wigs and weaves. They are more manageable for me. I don't have to fight, plead and wrestle with them. Most times...

You get what you pay for. You would think as long as I have been sitting in the weave chair that I would know better. But honey, Sista Lee had a sale on the hair and I lost my mind gathering packs. I used my new cheap hair for my doo for Thanksgiving. After seeing Queen Latifah's hair on the American Music Awards, I had to have that style. Intially, my hair was the bomb! I couldn't quite get it like Queens but it was cute.

Friday - Took a shower, water hit my head. No biggie. I will just flatiron and go!

Uh oh, Houston we had a problem . Now, although Sista Lees hair said 100% human. I don't know which human it came from, because I sat there for 30 minutes with the bumpers and could not get this hair to bend or flip. So I decide to wrap it and sit under the dryer.

Saturday- Wrap didn't work, and the weekend is coming to an end and I'm looking at myself in the mirror saying what are you going to do with this hot mess?So I decide to roller set it. Lawd, why was the hair melting, sticking what the hell ever to my rollers? WTF!!! That is not supposed to happen with human hair!!!!

Saturday night- Pulled weave out head, because the disaster that was once a hairdo has gone to far to save. So now I am sporting hair that sort of looks like this...
as a matter of fact it looks exactly like this. Being I'm not going to any casting calls for the live version of the Boondocks I'm pissed and wondering what I am going to do with not only my hair( which looks like its ready for a fight) but all this hair I bought. Because you know they never take it back, no matter what the reason is. No matter if you have a receipt. The answer is always no!

Sunday- Bushy Ponytail. (Hell, I got some of it to lay down and behave. I can't push it.)

Monday-I'm still pretty hot about my bargain hair. I visit Sista Lee and let her know about my hair don't experience. I explain to her that this hair cannot possibly be human. Perhaps,its marked incorrectly. To my surprise, Lee takes the hair back. (I guess looking at my head was enough to soften her heart). Or the fact that I have put at least one of her children through college . I don't know, but I leave happy. With new hair, yay!

Tuesday- New doo, and lesson learned... again.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stop In The Name Of Love

I absolutely love this time of year! It's the time when peoples hearts are a little softer. Their smiles are genuine. They aren't as rude. I love Thanksgiving because I get to spend time with my family and friends. ( And I get extra days off) that is always a blessing. I wish we could all just slow down and enjoy it all. I have seen so many Christmas decorations and heard so many Carols you would think it was Christmas here. Forget 12 it's The 90 days of Christmas-

I appreciate Thanksgiving, and not just because of the Charlie Brown special with its cool jazz piano.

I appreciate Thanksgiving because it gives me a chance to reflect on my life. I'm am grateful to God everyday for my blessings but, on Thanksgiving I can share those blessing with my loved ones. I wish we all could just stop for a minute, and forget about stuffing ourselves with so many calorie filled entrees and just notice the love that we are surrounded with.Don't just break bread with your familyor friends but,talk with them.Tell them how much you love them. Forget about the sales for a minute ( I know some are irresistible) and think about all the things you have in your life that you are truly thankful for.

I'm not knocking on the sales or Christmas. I am crazy about the day Christ was born. But we have to , to coin a phrase "Remember the reason for this season." Enjoy each holiday. Give each one its due. Nothing is promised. But if I am fortunate enough to be here years from now, I want to be able to reflect on holidays, spent with my people and how much it meant to me.

So go have your Turkey day. Enjoy your families and your friends. Look at your football games. Eat till you (almost) bust. I'll see you at the gym. And thank God for the day.

Have Happy Thanksgiving...Be Blessed.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

These Three Words

These may be the three most important words in the English language. Parents say it to their children. Lovers say it to each other. Teachers say it to students. Every now and again some may even say it strangers.

Some people find it hard to say. I don't know, I think because of the way I was raised it comes so naturally for me. Whenever I feel its needed in someones life I share these words. As I watch so many wandering aimlessly through their lives I often find myself wondering if anyone ever said it to them. I feel like yelling it from the rooftops sometimes. Especially if they are young people. Just chillin' not knowing what to do with themselves. Not realizing if only someone had just mentioned it. Things might be different. If only someone cared enough about them, or set that example for them.I remember when my parents first said it to me; I was complaining as youngstas sometimes will about things I wanted. Not needed ,wanted. My father called me into the den sat me down and said. "GET A JOB".

It stung a little at first I admit. So used to having my hand out( and having it filled). But hey, it was what I needed to hear.

You want to eat...get a job
You want a house...get a job
You want a car...get a job
You want nice things..get a job

Simple huh???

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ohh Lalala

Being I have been complaining, some of my girls have decided to "hook" me up. These are people who are supposed to know me, and yet they don't know me. You know?

Coworker M- decided I should met her cousin, how many times have you,people I have never met in my life read here"YOU MUST HAVE ALL YOUR TEETH???!!!" This is not an option. So dude shows up, he's dressed nice. He smells nice.Then he opens his mouth and the left side is just missing in action. Teeth just gone. And dude has adjusted to this and has trained his lip to try and cover it.So he looks sort of like looting lenny to me. And I'm waiting for him to say "Psst, can I holla at you for a minute". He was nice enough on the phone. But I couldn't get beyond the missing teeth.Are you kidding me? Keep it moving Brah, keep it moving. When I asked M had she lost her mind, she looked a little pissed. But damn, don't show me pics of your people from back in the day and present day is tore the hell up.

My girl L- Now this is what I am talking about. She is feeling me. Brotha had it going on. Currectly has a MD after his name and currently working towards adding esquire. Yes!!! I ain't saying I'm a golddigger. So we decide to meet for drinks, damn this dude boring. I mean dayaaaaaam, it was all I could do to keep from falling off the stool. When I went to the bathroom, I was ready to start a fire so they could evacuate the restaurant. Brotha had no conversation beyond his work. See, I told you I'm not a GD.

So I figured I would have to just go back to doin' me. Because my folks were obviously confused. I decided to go to the movies with Dude I met at the gas station. I need to get over "pretty boys" for real. This playa, kept trying to convince me to come back to his place. How many times do I have to say it Damn! I'm just so damn pretty ( I am) and he just didn't want the date to end. Do I have UMFUFU written on my forehead? In what lifetime would I come back to your place to talk? You couldn't possibly have anymore to say because you talked enough during the damn movie. I wished I had an eject button. His ass would have been airborne.

The struggle continues....

Monday, November 05, 2007


While reading in the blogosphere,I was reminded by Blujewel
of the woes of the dating game. Sometimes we as women get caught up in the fairytale.Most young girls dream of a prince ( so to speak) their own personal princes' coming to sweep them off their feet.Dating becomes harder because of the fairytale. Once we believe that we have connected with a person, we look for the next level. We want to define ourselves. Who am I to you? If we believe he is our Prince, well then I must be your Princess. But because of agenda,timing, gameplay, whatever the reason sometimes we just disconnect. The reality is there are no princes, there aren't always happy endings. When we realize this we are caught off guard, because we believe in our heart of hearts that if we do all the things needed to make our relationships work then everything will be fine. How many of our girlfriends have we listened to, and how many have listened to us going over where it went wrong? Sometimes there just isn't an answer dammit. You did everything right, you just happened to be with a toad. So what do we do? We walk around with one damn glass slipper searching for the prince again because we are holding fast to the fairytale. Heartbreak is a powerful thing. No one wants to be hurt. For some it breaks not only the heart but also the spirit.We as women have to ugh...for lack of a better term "man up". We have to stop letting our hearts be our guides because the aren't always on point. Being the more sensitive sex allows us, to forgive and forget more easily, all in the name of love. Let go of the Princess and become the Queen. How powerful I am? Once you realize this you free yourself. You will not allow toxic relationships to continue because you love yourself. You will not be so desperate for companionship that we will lower your bar and settle for whatever comes your way. You will not compromise your beliefs.You will not attract a prince,with his limited power but a King, who appreciates you and all your glory. Your story will be your own. And you will smash all the fairytales and that one slipper to pieces.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

I just love the man

Denzel is too fine. He is getting better with age. I just spent the past two hours with him. Just he and I having our quality time. I love just watching this man walk. I'm no stalker. I say again, I am no stalker. But,I could easily become one for him. Now, I'm going to go pray on this. Stay Blessed and go see this movie. Bootleggers are running rampant!