Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our Love is Here to Stay

I won't brag. I will just say that I was watching an episode of Deion and Pilar( Yes, Another reality show) and Pilar wanted Deion to speak with the children about sex. He didn't say much to them but told the children to say " Daddy put it down" when asked about their conversation. So as far as my parents anniversary celebration goes. " We put it down"

My parents were so happy, and I have never been filled with more pride for them. They have touched so many lives in their 50 years together and it was really nice to see that love returned.- Enuf said

One of my favorite comedians George Carlin died Sunday...so here is a quote of his I find somehow ties in with this post.

"Men are from Earth, Women are from Earth. Deal with it."

Stay Blessed people!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rocking Chair

Come on,sexy Baby woo, let me be your rocking chair
We'll rock away from here

A friend suggested that I am ready for a rocking chair. She is 7 yrs younger and I cannot wait until she is my age. But when she suggested it I was reminded of this song so that's the reason for this title.

Anywho, your girl is 42 today! Thank you Jesus!
The Sharing The Love Award was created by Crystal Memoirs of a Mommy Blog I was awarded by Believer and I am truly honored that she even thought of me. This award goes to the people whose blogs make your day. Those must reads. So I am sharing this love today with the following people....


Honorable Mention to:
BluJewel who was already sent some love but I am sending more.

I think a really wonderful birthday gift would be for the Celtics to finally wrap this up. That would really make my day. We'll see. Stay Blessed people!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Humpty Dance

Happy Hump Day people! I think from now on I will include a few verses from the song.

Alright stop what your doing, cause i'm about to ruin
The image and the style that your used to...

Do the Humpty Hump, what do the Humpty Hump!

Ok, we let Birdman here win one. It was bound to happen. But a sweep would have really done it for me. Anyway doesn't he look like a bird? He already has on yellow just add some feathers around his face in your mind for a minute. I'll wait...

He does, doesn't he? Anyway this man almost had to play by himself didn't he? I guess he said man if we don't win tonight Magic is going to have a hit put on the team. LMAO. Magic was hot!!!Talking pure trash about his beloved Lakers.

Preparations for my parents 50th anniversary are coming along. My sister will be here next week. I miss her so much! The three of us are supposed to be giving it, but my sister and I do all the work and my brother just shows up. Typical. If it wasn't so hot I would give him a karate chop to the throat.

>I will be 42 in six days, that's why I'm so bubbly ( no I haven't been drinking), YET... I'm going to need to get glasses. I can't read the small print anymore. ( And you know all the important stuff is in small print).They have really cute glasses now though. It's not like I will have to look like Redd Foxx in Harlem Nights.

Stay Blessed People!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

It Takes Two

IT being the Celtics win. Leading the finals 2-0. Man... what a game! I decided that I could go wash my dishes because the Celtics had this one in the bag. 24 point lead. Leon Powe going off. I thought they had knocked the wind out of the Lakers sail. I was wrong. I was chatting it up with my mother and happened to catch a glance at the screen. Lawwd! a 2 point game!???. What happened here? Thankfully, the Celtics won because for the Lakers to come back and beat them and they had a 24 point deficit would have been crazy. Not to mention when they got the Staples Center it would have been on and popping. Laker fans are on point!

Someone asked me how can I dislike Kobe and admire his game. Simply, he has skills. The man can play. I don't like his personality. He is so dry,snooty
. Or at least that's what I see. Maybe he has reason to be. Maybe he was picked on as a child. I don't know, but his personality doesn't take one thing away from his game. Dennis Rodman is crazy as hell, but he was the baddest six man in the game. See...

The camera caught Magic eating popcorn. I think brotha was hungry with an O tonight. Still looking good. ( Especially to me) you guys know about my crush.

Anyway, I had a great weekend. Hope you all did too. Stay blessed.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Although Mrs. Clinton will not acknowledge defeat. Hilary, I love you gurlie but, let's do the right thing here. I will say it, Congratulations democractic presidential nominee Mr. Barack Obama!!!!Imagine how this man must feel right now. How his wife must feel. I wonder about their private talks, like what are they saying in this picture.

Barack: Baby, I'm about to be the most important man in the World.

Michelle:Yes,the world,um hmmm,you forgot to take out the garbage yesterday..LOL

Right now, I am so proud of him/for him. I know that he has an even tougher fight ahead of him. McCain may look dead but we can't count him out. I wish I could really believe that his race will not play a factor in this. But it will. My parents used to tell me with education you can go anywhere. Do anything. If you must, work twice as hard. Here is an example of what all those things can do. I hope our young black men take notice of history, in the making. We all should but, especially our youth. I pray they do.

In other news... If you noticed I have something new over there<---- I got it from the idea from Believer not only are her post uplifting but she always has the coolest stuff!