Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I know I have been the worst blogger ever! I have been so busy lately but I wanted to wish my blog family Happy New Year. As we go into this new year, my wish for each of you is for health, wealth and love. I have so much to be thankful for my family is doing well,my friends are genuine,my love life is Just Fine>.(now that I have one)

I pray for this country,my incoming President and each of you. I pray we are all abundantly blessed in this new year. Love one another,Cherish everyday!

Have A Very Happy New Year.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Can I?

Can I tell you how tired I am?

Forgive me if my thoughts are scattered. I have been running since Wednesday. I have finally realized that I am not as young as I used to be. My sister came down from Philly.It was so good to see her face. I miss her face. My brother's kids are making me feel... older 19, 16 and 10. ( where does the time go?) and my nephew appears to be growing every second with no end in sight. He's 6'6" now. Doing well, so believe me when I say God answers prayers. My 16 year old niece has grown into a beautiful young woman and the baby, 10 years old. I can see I'm going to have to kill off. Spoiled rotten! I think its safe to say my brothers genes are shit, because those kids look like their mother. So it was decided that since mom just came home from the hospital that I would do all the cooking. Crazy, I know, but I wanted to really. And I did ( my thing).
After celebrating with my own family,this year for an extra added twist I had to go to HIS's mothers house. Even after refusing everything she offered, she seems to like me; Of course I have never had any problems with parents. Thank God. I do hear some horror stories. I guess she can see that her son has found an EXTRAORDINARY, PHENOMENAL woman. Seriously, it was odd for me, this whole dating thing again, trying to build something with someone. I guess it was odd for him too. We are still new, and this our first holiday together.
Then we made our rounds to friends houses, to watch football games and mingle ( I really don't like football) but,I got to meet his boys ,their wives,significant and some not so significant others. All of them, seemed cool.

All and all it was another wonderful holiday. I thank God for my family, my friends, for opening my heart to the possibility of loving again. For my life.

Stay Blessed!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Praise Up

It's that time again. Thanksgiving, those of you that read this blog often know that this is my favorite holiday.I am in the kitchen now still cooking. I don't even mind. Two days ago I was at the hospital because my mother had a scare. Today I am in her kitchen and she is watching me cook. ( Standing guard). I am blessed. She is fine and I couldn't be happier . God has blessed this family with another holiday together I .
pray that each of you have a safe and enjoyable holiday. Eat , drink and be thankful for all you have. Love one another.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Stay Blessed!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

You Are My Friend

I am a people person. I love interaction with different types of people and feel that I can get along with anyone if given the chance. I was having a discussion with a person who informed me that he didn't have any friends. He said he only had acquaintances and he thought when people called themselves friends, they basically expected things from you.

I thought how sad. I have friends, true blue, do or die, ride or die, down for me friends. People that I can lean on tell my business, fall out with, party with, cry with and know they will always be there. I guess I am blessed.
My whole point to him was, what kind of friend are you? I have aligned myself with people who treat me the way I treat them. I feel if you act like a friend then I will treat you like one. I have had to let people that were my so-called friends go.
They did not treat me with the same level of respect that I gave them. They did not respect the relationship and therefore lost the title of "friend". They could no longer be anything to me, because once I extend my hand in friendship and you do something to soil that relationship in any way I have lost the trust that is needed to have a true friendship. Some people feel that is harsh. That forgiveness is needed. I do forgive. Don't get me wrong. Before I decide to end a friendship I look at the circumstances which led me to consider ending it. If I deem them harsh enough then it's over. I wish you well.

As I tried to explain this to him, it felt like he understood. But never having a friend in his life was a lot for me to take in. I asked him again, What kind of friend are you? He basically said he considered himself a good friend having gone out of his way many, many times only to be used. I told him he had to decide what types he choose to call his friends as well. Because friends don't use you. They don't call only when they need things and they don't abuse you in any way. A friend uplifts you when your down. Raising you even higher when your up. They are proud of you and feel nothing but love for you and truly want the best for you.

It was a bit much for him. People like this truly do exist. I know because I am blessed to have them in my life. My prayers that this young man will experience this in his lifetime..

Stay Blessed!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When I See You

I did the early voting today. I have to admit I am proud of myself. Three hours in line. I was a trooper for mine. I was happy in fact to see so many people in line. So many YOUNG people. So many people who were voting for the first time in there lives. It was beautiful thang.

On my way back as I was jamming to EWF and feeling pretty good. I passed a cotton field. Several in fact. You have to understand coming from NY I have never seen one, never saw one in Charlotte either. I was in a little town called Raeford NC and they had a few. I pulled over on the side of the field and was humbled for a minute. As far as the eye could see, the field went on and on. I thought of those before me.Those who had to pick this, those who had no rights, no choices. Those people who were treated less than human.Those who fought and gave up their lives in the struggle. I had to touch it guys. I hope the owners didn't think I was trying to steal it. I wasn't, trust and believe me. I have never seen a cotton plant/tree or whatever it's called,and there I was staring at a whole field of it. Surprise, surprise it felt like...cotton.

I gathered myself and got back in my car. I heard this is "Klan" county and I need not be out there too long alone. As I passed the field I felt triumphant. I felt that all those before me were proud because I voted today...for a black man with my bad black self.Sorry, I had a power to the people moment.. And before you haters start, I would have voted for BOZO the clown over McCain. I'm just saying look how far we've come...

Please VOTE!!!, Pray and Stay Blessed!

Friday, October 17, 2008

There's Hope

Hello people! I know, bad Wendy!!. I have really been quite busy. I finally made my move and things are going as well..I've never lived in a military town before. So many men in uniform...mmm, mmm,mmph!...whew....

For the most part I have been unpacking and following this political race of our lives. This is clearly a republican section of town that I have moved to. I think I have seen one Obama sign in a neighbors yard. As I pass their home I raise and pump a fist to let them know they are no longer by themselves.

My neighbor who is in the Army is quite vocal in his opinions about Barack. We have agreed to disagree on the subject.We will never see eye to eye, so may the best OBAMA win.

Other than the normal typical things we do in our lives I can add dating someone again.

I hear you guys...that's the REAL reason she's been missing. Not true, and it is really still rather new, ( the wine and roses) phase. But I will keep you posted.

There's Hope!

Stay Blessed!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Tonight we will witness history. When Barack Obama accepts the party nomination for the President of the United States. On the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther Kings' " I have a Dream" speech.

I'm bursting with pride. Yet, I can't help but think of the struggle of those before him. Those who took the beatings and endured, in your face racism that we couldn't even imagine today. Those who hung in their because the conviction, their courage wouldn't let them be turned away. Their pride in themselves wouldn't allow them to settle for being second class citizens. Their determination and their faith guiding them while they shaped our futures.

These are the qualities we need now more than ever. We still have a fight ahead of us! So get as many people in your communities registered. Get them involved! Talk to them about what this( election) means. Not only for Democrats, not only for Blacks for us all. We need change!We must have more from our government than we have in the the past eight years. Not a Democrat?, cool get the conversations flowing anyway, you may convert a few.

Today, I hope our youth take notice. I hope they see what a little hard work can do. What having goals and self worth can do. That although, it won't be easy. ( What in life worthwhile is.) The sky is the limit! They can become anything their hearts desire.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Thank God It's Friday

- Hey, put a smile on your face
things are coming your way
Out there somewhere tonight

Here are some of my old school fav's, If we have to pick a "crooner" this week. You know Luther has to be the man. I saw this concert and I couldn't get enough of Luther (still can't)...

Here are some more of my favs you're going to have to get on your feet for some of these, so press pause on my usual jams and... Work it JT, Work IT!!!...

Have a great weekend, Stay Blessed!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Call Me

I have never been a person who will repeatedly call someone. I will call leave a message and hopefully you will return my call. If not, I'll talk to you when you are able. See ya, when I see ya!

I have an acquaintance, that is blowing my phone up. So much so that I find myself wondering why I gave her my number. When I do answer she wants to talk about others. I'm not the type woman who talks about people, I don't sit around gossiping and causing drama, I have told her that's not me. Anything I have to say, believe me it will be said to you.

The other thing is she speaks really, re al ly, sl ow ly . So I am in a 5 minute conversation for 30.I think someone who stutters would get the point across sooner.

I pride myself in being able to get along with anyone. If you allow me too. But this tracking me down for bullshit is killing me. She will call and call and call until I answer. The first time she did it, I really thought something was wrong.If I am unreachable at home she will repeatedly call my cell. Now this would not be an issue if I haven't already explained this to her. Her constant calling pushes my other numbers out of my phone. She said she was sorry and just trying to catch up. Understandable, but chill. If it isn't an emergency, don't call me like it is. I am getting images of Glen Close calling repeatedly and turning that lamp off/on.

Seriously, Its getting so bad... I mean damn I am blogging about it dammit!. I don't mind you calling me. Lord knows I can talk on the phone... But I have got to put the breaks on this.

It's not normal to let a phone ring repeatedly. What did Eddie Murphy say? "That's a lonely B@7%H! on the end of that line."

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nothing From Nothing

I don't have children, so I am reaching as far as what "I" would do. I know how I think I would raise my child. I know how I was raised. I know my tolerance level. I have friends with step children that are wrecking their lives and marriages. I know from listening to them, I no longer wish to be in a relationship with a man who has under aged children anymore. At my age that is really, really pushing it.This is a strong statement considering who much I love children. But I am watching my friends lives crumble before my eyes. Not because of money, miscommunication or infidelity, but because of the step children.

It's sad to watch because other than the children, these people have wonderful relationships. I understand my friends frustration and yet I understand their partner. No one wants to be put in a situation to choose between their spouse or their children. I understand when they are just wanting "peace" and not to make any waves and keep everyone happy. But you can't keep everyone happy. Someone is going to have a problem.

My friends feel unappreciated, one has been physically abused by a child. The other mentally abused not only by the child but their mother as well. I am at a lost as to what to say to them anymore. I listen. I ask them to talk with their spouses about how they feel. I know in my heart that both of these women love the step children. We don't have any Cinderella stories here. But the children, for some reason do not like them, nor do they respect the fact that their fathers love these women. I know that the mother's of these children are fueling the fires.

So how do you work this out? How do you keep your home life happy and as well adjusted and functional as you can when you have step children who act like they have 3 sixes on their skull?

I pray their relationships endure these troubled times. I pray these children realize that they are in the best possible place they could be. I pray that God give these families strength and wisdom.


I don't have children, but I know my tolerance level

Saturday, August 09, 2008

In the Morning

It's been quite some time since I've gotten up early on a Saturday morning. I'd like to say that I did. But you guys know the deal. No mornings for me mon. I scanned the television for shows that I could recognize and there weren't any. Back in the day, the above were the ones to watch. Then around 1pm I could look forward to Kung Fu theater. Those were the baddest cats in the game. They could fight a whole nation for 15 hours straight, get stabbed and walk all the way back to their country and deliver their news before they died....Kids don't know what they are missing.

His last name is Edwards, I assure you Obama had nothing to do with this.Of course the " Breaking News" every fifteen minutes about the problems this man is having, must be followed by a story involving Obama. Please vote! Take someone to vote!

I have to say I was I was shocked and saddened by the death of this man.Another comedian that I liked. Bernie Mac's style of humor was raw, he was not for the faint of heart but, he was the truth and he will definitely be missed. My prayers for his family and friends. May he rest in peace.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


My promise, my pledge....To take better care of my baby when she comes home. To listen to her more and to believe her when she tells me she isn't feeling well, I promise to go back to getting regular check-ups and stop taking for granted that she will continue to be there( even if I don't treat her as well as I should)I will appreciate her more.

The thing about having repairs on the car that burns me up is the waiting. Waiting for calls, waiting for parts,waiting for rides, I'm so sick of it. I NEED my vehicle. Yes I want it too, but I really need it and I know, I'm the reason the car is in the shop in the first place but, I still want it like yesterday! I really, really dislike depending on others to get me from point A to B. Whether, it be private or a commercial vehicle I CANT STAND waiting!(You all know public transportation is out!)

In other news my sister in all her wonderfulness will be 31 tomorrow. Am I going to rag her...of course ! 11 years ago you would have thought I was turning 108. She told me constantly how OLD I was, so now it's my turn. I know she will counter with, " You will always be older than me", but right now that's not my point.

I have decided to stop watching Supernanny. It raises my blood pressure too high. It's just ridiculous to me how far these parents let their children get out of hand.

... I took this quiz: What Is The Soundtrack Of Your life?
And it came back as...

Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World

Stay Blessed people!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

All For You

What's going on people!I have been feeling rather guilty about my blog. I miss you guys so much. The summertime has been taking me away from you, I've been running around wild... Well, not so much right now because...

Silly me, I blew a rod y'all. Yes in my car, yes it was all my fault and yes I have to pay(OUCH). Strange thing is when it happened I still didn't believe there was no oil in my car...I can assure you after this I will be checking oil almost daily.

You know it's really sad when gas at 3.84 brings a tear to your eye. When I saw the sign I really needed to take a moment. How much are you guys paying in your neck of the woods?

Yesterday I attended a birthday party and was having the most wonderful time until I got on the Spades table. Okay...Can you believe we were whipping there behinds 320-200,TALKING MUCH TRASH, because these dudes didn't have to get up all night.Last hand game is 350. They got a 10 hand, damn near a Boston. I was devastated....

Stay Blessed people...

Monday, July 14, 2008


They still don't get it. Ignorance is NOT bliss!

Hope you are all well, stay blessed!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our Love is Here to Stay

I won't brag. I will just say that I was watching an episode of Deion and Pilar( Yes, Another reality show) and Pilar wanted Deion to speak with the children about sex. He didn't say much to them but told the children to say " Daddy put it down" when asked about their conversation. So as far as my parents anniversary celebration goes. " We put it down"

My parents were so happy, and I have never been filled with more pride for them. They have touched so many lives in their 50 years together and it was really nice to see that love returned.- Enuf said

One of my favorite comedians George Carlin died here is a quote of his I find somehow ties in with this post.

"Men are from Earth, Women are from Earth. Deal with it."

Stay Blessed people!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rocking Chair

Come on,sexy Baby woo, let me be your rocking chair
We'll rock away from here

A friend suggested that I am ready for a rocking chair. She is 7 yrs younger and I cannot wait until she is my age. But when she suggested it I was reminded of this song so that's the reason for this title.

Anywho, your girl is 42 today! Thank you Jesus!
The Sharing The Love Award was created by Crystal Memoirs of a Mommy Blog I was awarded by Believer and I am truly honored that she even thought of me. This award goes to the people whose blogs make your day. Those must reads. So I am sharing this love today with the following people....


Honorable Mention to:
BluJewel who was already sent some love but I am sending more.

I think a really wonderful birthday gift would be for the Celtics to finally wrap this up. That would really make my day. We'll see. Stay Blessed people!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Humpty Dance

Happy Hump Day people! I think from now on I will include a few verses from the song.

Alright stop what your doing, cause i'm about to ruin
The image and the style that your used to...

Do the Humpty Hump, what do the Humpty Hump!

Ok, we let Birdman here win one. It was bound to happen. But a sweep would have really done it for me. Anyway doesn't he look like a bird? He already has on yellow just add some feathers around his face in your mind for a minute. I'll wait...

He does, doesn't he? Anyway this man almost had to play by himself didn't he? I guess he said man if we don't win tonight Magic is going to have a hit put on the team. LMAO. Magic was hot!!!Talking pure trash about his beloved Lakers.

Preparations for my parents 50th anniversary are coming along. My sister will be here next week. I miss her so much! The three of us are supposed to be giving it, but my sister and I do all the work and my brother just shows up. Typical. If it wasn't so hot I would give him a karate chop to the throat.

>I will be 42 in six days, that's why I'm so bubbly ( no I haven't been drinking), YET... I'm going to need to get glasses. I can't read the small print anymore. ( And you know all the important stuff is in small print).They have really cute glasses now though. It's not like I will have to look like Redd Foxx in Harlem Nights.

Stay Blessed People!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

It Takes Two

IT being the Celtics win. Leading the finals 2-0. Man... what a game! I decided that I could go wash my dishes because the Celtics had this one in the bag. 24 point lead. Leon Powe going off. I thought they had knocked the wind out of the Lakers sail. I was wrong. I was chatting it up with my mother and happened to catch a glance at the screen. Lawwd! a 2 point game!???. What happened here? Thankfully, the Celtics won because for the Lakers to come back and beat them and they had a 24 point deficit would have been crazy. Not to mention when they got the Staples Center it would have been on and popping. Laker fans are on point!

Someone asked me how can I dislike Kobe and admire his game. Simply, he has skills. The man can play. I don't like his personality. He is so dry,snooty
. Or at least that's what I see. Maybe he has reason to be. Maybe he was picked on as a child. I don't know, but his personality doesn't take one thing away from his game. Dennis Rodman is crazy as hell, but he was the baddest six man in the game. See...

The camera caught Magic eating popcorn. I think brotha was hungry with an O tonight. Still looking good. ( Especially to me) you guys know about my crush.

Anyway, I had a great weekend. Hope you all did too. Stay blessed.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Although Mrs. Clinton will not acknowledge defeat. Hilary, I love you gurlie but, let's do the right thing here. I will say it, Congratulations democractic presidential nominee Mr. Barack Obama!!!!Imagine how this man must feel right now. How his wife must feel. I wonder about their private talks, like what are they saying in this picture.

Barack: Baby, I'm about to be the most important man in the World.

Michelle:Yes,the world,um hmmm,you forgot to take out the garbage yesterday..LOL

Right now, I am so proud of him/for him. I know that he has an even tougher fight ahead of him. McCain may look dead but we can't count him out. I wish I could really believe that his race will not play a factor in this. But it will. My parents used to tell me with education you can go anywhere. Do anything. If you must, work twice as hard. Here is an example of what all those things can do. I hope our young black men take notice of history, in the making. We all should but, especially our youth. I pray they do.

In other news... If you noticed I have something new over there<---- I got it from the idea from Believer not only are her post uplifting but she always has the coolest stuff!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Let Me Ride

Asking someone for a ride in a car these days can get you cursed out. I put $20.00 in my tank today and I got a little over 5 gallons. That is ridiculous. I am seriously considering parking my car and riding the bus. And if you live in Charlotte NC you know that is an extreme move. Gas hit 3.97 for regular in my neck of the woods. The bus is $1.30. I believe a bus pass for the week is $15.00. I'm Very ,seriously considering it. All I have to do is leave my home 2 hours earlier than I have to be there. Our transit system still is not the best. There are still places the bus does not go. It will get you as close as possible though and you can walk the rest of the way. Imagine that.

Of course that is a problem for me. The other problem would be I hate to wait on anyone. Anything. I want to go when I'm ready to go. So, now I am sacrificing. I am only driving places I NEED to go. No more trips to Wallyworld, just because. I try to get everything I need before I get home, because once I am there, its over. I'm not going anywhere.

The pump read 92.00 when I pulled up. I guess I'm fortunate my tank doesn't take that much to fill up. If that was a fill-up for that person. I guess I could form a car pool. I don't know. Maybe we should have learned from the Amish. How much is a horse and buggy anyway?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


You all know I love this game! Excuse the cliche'. Man, what is the world coming to when I have to root for the CELTICS????!!!! Back in the day, I was a huge, HUGE Laker fan. I'm talking about the 80's Lakers. I loved MJ and if you think I am talking about Michael Jordan or Jackson just stop reading now. Aside from Peabo Bryson and Debarge,my walls were covered with him. He was the only reason I ever wanted to visit LA. Then he got all married and had another major issue and that dream died. Anyway, I loved the Lakers. One of the teams that gave me heart palpitations during these times were the Celtics...the Larry, Kevin, Dennis, Danny, Robert Celtics were a thorn in my side. Around that time, I also really disliked, the Pistons.The Bad Boys,as they called themselves. Basically, any team that gave my Lakers a hard time,during finals, or beat us I disliked.

Well, right around the time that the Lakers of ol' were leaving in droves,including coach Pat; I changed my team, like everyone else in America to the BULLS. I hung in with them. Even after Mike left. I started searching again though and finally, I went with the Heat. Now they are out, Shaq is gone. I have NEVER been a Knicks fan, they always seemed to just want to go to the playoffs to me. But not actually win. I did have a crush on Charles Oakley though. And I would be a Spurs fan but "blank stare man" Duncan, creeps me out. Now, I have to go with a team that I dislike but, I would rather see them win the championship more than any of the other teams. So, it's The Celtics... The Celtics WOW...times sure do change.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Hello People!!!

Sorry I have been away so long. A sis has had alot on her plate recently and I have been unable to blog. I hope all of the mother's had a wonderful Mother's Day! Since my last post your gurl has a little drama in her life but you know what? God is good all the time and everything is working out. I am about to hit all of your blogs in a minute a catch myself up.

I have moved since my last blog and let me tell you. I never ever want to move again. I think if I have to pack another box I may have a nervous breakdown. If you want people to scatter mention to them that you are moving. I understand though because I am not helping anyone else move anything. My lifting boxes days are over. I just couldn't believe all of the crap I had in this house. Even after throwing stuff away I still had a lot of things.

I want new furniture now. I've had my eye on this set for a minute. I call myself waiting to catch it on sale but it looks like it's not going to happen.

I'm now preparing for my parents 50th anniversary.Ya'll give it up for black love that has sustained! I wanted it to be a surprise but we all know that littlewoedy(mom) had to bust that up. I am holding my ground on the caterer though. I do not want to be in anyones kitchen. I want to sit around and be cute and enjoy my parents day with everyone else. Feel me.

Anyway, that's all folks. Stay Blessed!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oh What A Night

There are few things I turn my ringer off for. Tonight the ringer goes off.

They're Baaack!!!

The best hour on TV, its about time.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Touch Me In The Morning

Rosemarie tagged Me

Da Rulez!

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Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
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Here goes:

1. I cannot stand when people call my home and do not say hello. Rather they say " Is such and such there?" after I say hello. This really burns me up and I correct them each time.

2. I am absolutely pertrified of all bugs. Flying , crawling , creeping, slithering it doesn't matter. The only things I want moving in my home should be human.

3. I really can sing and wish I would have done more with it.

4. Years of never going to the bathroom in public have weakened my bladder. (Is this too too much info)

5.I don't curse as much since I left my job. ( I think this is a good thing)

6. I love to hear men sing in Tenor but when they speak I prefer baritone.

I'm tagging:

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Come Sail Away With Me

My cruise was wonderful guys! Too short and I already want to go again. I decided to wear my hair in braids and that turned out to be the best choice with all the running I had to do. We sailed from San Pedro to San Diego, Catalina Island and Ensenda, Mexico. Catalina looked absolutely beautiful. I didn't quite make it too the Island ( because your gurl was partying til' the wee hours of the morning) but when I got up and looked across the ocean it filmed very well.

I sailed on Royal Carri bean, and to tell the truth the crew was on point. We didn't have to do anything but enjoy ourselves. These people were amazing. Considering they work for six to eight months straight,without a day off, I was blown away. The food was delicious and I am so sure I ate too much of it.Most of us enjoyed ourselves. Of course there is always one and that one happened to be traveling with us. It's illegal to throw anyone overboard so, being I waited much too long to take this vacation I would not allow her to steal my joy. She was just a miserable person and we avoided her like the plague.

The only complaint we had was a certain foul odor in the hallways to our rooms. Once we did it was taken care of. Again the crew was on point, Unfortunately there were no men. Okay there were men but they worked for the cruise line and could not fratonize with the guest, although we tried!. There were other men too, the ones I hung out with. But they wanted nothing to do with me or any other woman. I just don't know what it is about me. I'm a magnet.I think it's my boobies. The other men were taken, and there women had the don't even look this way stare. No problem girlfriend. oh, I forgot about the grandpa crew, one was actually sleeping during dinner. Okaaaay...So I live and I learn. Although the staff was wonderful this is not the party, SINGLE crowd I was looking for but all in all I had a blast. Pics coming soon... Thanking my God for a safe journey. Stay Blessed!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Bad Mamma Jamma

I'm just praying I can get to my ship. They way these airlines are shutting down or being grounded it's damn near a crap shoot. First I had to get over my fear of cruising, because I cannot swim. But I figured if I ever wanted to get anywhere I would have fly to and/or Cruise to these beautiful places I want to see. So I'm being adventurous, but believe me I will be aware of the closes lifeboat to my room. God forbid that I need them, but your gurl will be prepared. Now, the airlines want to act a fool. I will be leaving the day before so it really shouldn't be a problem. I'm taking this much needed mini cruise. I figure if I can make it for 5 days then, the next time I will shoot for the seven, I still want to go to Ochos Rios, don't know why, I just want to go. I've been trying to plan outfits for my cruise. You guys know a sis has to coordinate. I'm excited, I'm just thinking about the weather it's really going to be hot but, I was told on the ship it can be breezy. So I am packing a little bit of everything. The only problem with this is space in the cabin. I've been told and read from previous cruisers that the space is limited. So I can't fall in the joint with nine pieces of luggage. I'm also told you can't bring an iron. What is that about? I have the cutest travel, steam iron I wanted to pack. So my plight remains, how do I get all of the outfits I want to wear including FORMAL WEAR, plus shoes and accessories into two bags? Lawwd, I don't see it, so I need you to help me.

The next dilemma is my hair. I want to wear my own because it's going to be hot, but then I quickly reminded myself how my own hair acts. I don't want to be an outcast on this cruise. Have people asking my friends, "What's up with your girls head?" Have people pointing and laughing at me. No, that would not be cool. I could go with a half wig and then at least half of my head would get some air but then I would have to fiddle with my hair at some point. Which leads me to braids.The only problems I see here are getting them done.( I have a big head yall). But I am definitely leaning this way. I think this will be the easiest and the best way to keep my Bad Mamma Jamma going.

I'm just excited so forgive my rambling on, you guys know I have tell you all about it! Stay Blessed!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

You Know and I Know

My post recently haven't been the most uplifting post. I know. Thank you for still coming while I went through my little funk. .... So ,I have been trying to put a spin on the energy. Looking at the bright side, knowing that my circumstances could be so much worst.So this post is about praise and song and letting God do his thing, that he has already planned.

As long as I can remember music has been the vessel that I chose to soothe my spirit. This post is titled after BeBe&Cece Winans track from their Different Lifestyles album, The words hit home for me and helped me to remember that no matter what my God has my back.

I found these gems today on You tube. The first one I was really happy to see again It's a clip from a show that aired in the 80's Called Sisters in the Name of Love. My original tape of this show was mistakenly erased.

And this is just because it's Ms. Holiday and her voice.( This is not And I am Telling You)

How can you not feel good after listening to these?

Monday, March 31, 2008

I Honestly Love You

- And I'm not trying to make you feel uncomfortable
_ I'm not trying anything at all

I'm 41 years old. I'm trying really hard to remember my 18Th year of life. To remember that I thought that I know it all.That my shit didn't stink. And I basically remember thinking that my parents were crazy and trying to ruin my life.I try to remember that because I am now dealing with my 18 yr old nephew. I really do not have that many rules. I basically feel like you are not a baby anymore. You have to wash your own clothes and clean up after yourself because, there is no maid service here. I will cook but, try to keep up because It's not an everyday occurrence. I will help you as much as I can so long as you are doing what is necessary ( work or school) to get ahead in life. Of the "rules" respect is a major thing with me. As long as you are in my guys know the rest. This is not a democracy.

I will not in anyway tolerate any type of disrespect of my home or my person. My nephew is quite a handful. He has inherited the " Wendy's Family Name" mouth. I know because I have it too. I've always had it. But, when it came to my parents, my elders; I knew I had to curb it ( or die) . My nephew has not come to an understanding on that.

Yesterday, we were at odds again and I actually had to put him out. I think that act hurt me more than him. But he has to learn to appreciate the things people do for him. I think because we spoiled him as a child, he thinks that is supposed to carry over into his adult life which,to tell the truth,it probably would have had he done the things we asked of him. But as I have explained , he wanted to be a little thug instead. So, my family does not reward bad behavior, grades etc. But he remembers the sweeter side of life, and it almost seems to me that because he is in our 'good graces' again he "expects" us to just do for him. Well that ship has sailed. I am willing to help those who help themselves.

I have not been as angry as I was yesterday in quite some time. I do not want to be in that place. Or let me say I will not be in that place. Not in my own home. At 6:30, this morning, I let the child/young man in. He was cold, hungry and hopefully humbled. I can't say I didn't worry but, this was needed.I have spoken my peace, I have prayed and now I have to let God do the rest. He knows how much I love this kid.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Be Ok

I really didn't want this. I walked away from my previous job and got on with my life. Moved on. Didn't look back. I was trying to relax my mind for a minute and then jump back in renewed.

You want to bumble with the bee huh?

Like him... Every time I try to get out!...

Basically, I received a call from one of my former employees and it seems he has a legal problem with the company. ( A very good one I might add). He has hired an attorney and it seems that my name has come up several times. I had no idea at all that he was having this problem and when he called me ( out of the blue) I let him know that. It seems that my name has been included in all kinds of things that I had no knowledge of, nor control over. It's a case of " the shit falling in your lap" once your gone. Needless to say all of this talk of lawyers and suing has caused me to get calls from everyone. Even those who had no reason to terminate me.

( But, I don't answer those calls).

And now, I have a meeting with the president of the company.


"Behold, I give you authority to trample on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means harm you" Luke 10:19


Imma be ok
Imma be ok
I'll survive, i'll be fine, i wont cry no way
Imma be ok
Imma be ok
Dont you talk, i'll move on

Friday, March 21, 2008

Truth Is

People will do anything for money. Anything. I watched a show called The Moment Of Truth.See Craziness here The premise of this show is you strap yourself to a lie detector and get asked all kinds of personal questions. The more questions you tell the truth about the more money you will receive.

The thing is they are not asking questions like, what color underwear do you have on? They ask questions like, did you cheat on your wife?. Being that you are connected to the lie detector your ass is grass whether you answer in the affirmative or not if this is the case. Of course your wife is humiliated if you tell the truth and it is true and she is humiliated if you say no and it's a lie.Her tears are broadcast for the entire nation to see. This show is sick.

Why would anyone do this? Any money that you may or may not win, will go to the lawyers for your divorce. And if you are caught lying you get no money and you now have no relationship at home either. I think couples who are already separated and have no intention of getting back together would be good candidates for this show, otherwise you'd have to crazy.

This "game" show is intended to catch someone in a lie that has devastating effects on the persons life. What's next? Are we really going to have a Running Man show? Now I know gas is damn near $4 bucks and prices are high on everything everywhere but is it really worth it in the end? To take the man or woman that you love on a show and and watch them crash and burn from your deceit. I think not. I will not be tuning into misery, that is exactly what this is about.

I don't get off on the misfortune of others. Yeah, some may think I am taking it to the extreme but that is how my mind processed this show. I have got to get back to work and fast.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Beat It

I've blogged about my girlfriend who has a stepdaughter. I told you how I rarely visit because this little girl is too grown and I just can't take it. My gurl is soft hearted though. She would rather talk. OK... to each their own.

This young lady however is the type to take kindness for weakness and she has NO respect for my friend or her home whatsoever. It seems no matter what she does for this child she doesn't appreciate it. After numerous suggestions to " tear that ass up" my friend chose not to go that route. I had to respect that and her level of patience. Her theory was, this is not my child. My thinking is what exactly makes a child yours? I feel like if you are feeding, clothing, nurturing, comforting, caring for her in your home;Raising a child, this is your child. If you are doing more for this child in three years than the mother has ever done in 12, this is your child. And I feel like if you can do all this then, you can chastise this child too.Up to and including the beatdown.

I said repeatedly if you do not let her know who is in control of your home,she is going to try you.

Well she called. This 12 year old tried her. Slapped her in the face.THE FACE. And kicked her. KICKED HER. Why? Because my friend was yelling at her for not doing the dishes. Let me back up a minute here.

My friend has asked this girl to wash the dishes. That is her chore. The ONLY one she has. Of course and keep her room clean but, that is a given. I, no lie, have listened to my friend rant about this girl not doing the dishes for A full year. I swear. On this day she asked her and she didn't move. So my friend asked her. Where you never told when an adult asks you to do something you do it then, not when you feel like it? Of course her smartass said no. She then went on to backtalk and tell my friend what she isn't doing. Well that finally set my gurl off.

All I wanted to know was, did you get it on video? Please tell me you had the cam on.

She went on to tell me that she actually had to tussle with this child and the girl kicked and slapped her.

I'm telling you guys, I couldn't breathe for a moment. When I did respond though I said. " What hospital is she in?"

Now, although I am happy that my gurl finally got some backbone and beat her behind it was at the wrong time. It came from anger and frustration. Although I believe in the beatdown, there is a time for it. I also expressed that she does not want to have to battle in her home, I'm mean to where it becomes physical with a child. The stress and possible jail time involved is truly not worth it. It is possible that it has gone on for so long now that she may really hurt this child. I mean this girl is 12 . What happens at 13 and beyond? My thoughts were she has to go, being that she expressed to my friend that she wasn't her mother. I couldn't pack her shit quick enough.

Not my friend though, I called her today, just to make sure she was okay and see if she needed anything. She explained to me that the child's father "talked" to the girl and explained to her that...get this...."THE NEXT TIME IT HAPPENS, I'm gonna beat your behind too."

I'm just done.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sail On

I can tell when the devil is really trying to get the best of me. I'm not letting him though. Last week my former employers decided not to pay me my final check. Yeah, they are playing with me. But I am using every ounce of strength to rise above. To not become Wanda ( She is a damn fool). Because, they are messing with my MONEY!

Thankfully, the writing was on the wall and I planned for this. Don't get me wrong, I want my MONEY, I just don't need it right now. Anyway,long before this happened I planned my vacation so I am going on with my plans. I'm looking forward to this cruise because I need to go somewhere beautiful and relax. I know I'll have to get back to the grind soon, so this will be my chance. I found a really inexpensive flight but I'm wondering why I have to visit every airport in the country on my return flight? For $115.oo I can't complain too much huh?

I call myself working out. Being I've been told of all the pounds I will gain on the cruise. I still hate working out. Gotta do it though. Hopefully the bod will be camera ready and I can share my adventure with you all. If you don't see pics of me only locations then, you know whats up.

I kept promising myself if I ever got the time I would finish my book. Now I have all the time in the world and nothing. I only have four maybe five chapters to have a complete manuscript. So far I haven't typed a word. I know how I want to finish I just wasn't motivated to do it. But, now that I'm managing to let some of the anger go it will be better.

I'm coming back to myself. I'm not one to stay down too long anyway. That's just not me. Thank you for your prayers, they are always appreciated.

Friday, March 07, 2008

So Pissed Off

Ok. It has taken me this long to come here and write this. I was terminated from my job two weeks ago. Why??? I don't know really. I know what they said I was terminated for was bullshit. I have had to fire people before. After taking the proper disciplinary actions I pull the person into my office. I tell them exactly why their relationship with the company has to end. This is not what happened in my case.

I was nitpicked until I felt like punching her in the face.Even the witness she bought with her was looking like what the hell are you doing? I finally had to ask her why are you here? WTF!!!

I was leaving anyway, I think I am so pissed because they got me before I could get them. You know, you always want to leave on your own terms. You want to be able to do your best Dominique Devereaux impersonation as you walk away. You want to be able to say in so many words " Take this job and shove it!."

I know another thing that is getting me is although I had to go through unimaginable bullshit, I did my job. I did it better than any else who has held the position. Yeah I can pop my collar on that. Because it's a fact.

So, I'm pissed yall. Trying not to let the devil get the best of me. Because right now I have some rather vengeful shit going through my mind. Being at home will do that. ( I have cleaned and rearranged enough I think).

So send up some prayers for your girl to get past this. Let it roll off. To remember that when a door closes another will open. And that this too shall pass...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Funny Valentine

Today, someone crossed my mind that I haven't thought of a while. I'm thinking it was because Valentines day is coming. We had very good Valentines. He was a very good man period, hardworking and educated with a sense of humor to boot.Although he was no Denzel, he wasn't Flav either. I met him shortly after I started dating again after my divorce. I wasn't trying to settle down.I was too young or so I thought, to be bogged down in a "relationship" again. I wanted to have fun. Not to mention he was looking for a mother for his kid and I definitely didn't want to become instant mom at that time. I wanted to tell him, I did. But if I want to be completely honest here I wasn't woman enough, yet. I thought I could play. I ended up hurting a great guy.

The next time I saw him was at my brothers wedding.He happens to be related to my sister-in-law(the world is so small!) Always a gentleman he carried on polite conversation but, gave me the look.... Ladies you know the look. The one that makes you do a double take and think in your head ( Oh, it still like that?!!!) But, I had a frog...a big frog. Probably the bigggest damn frog ever!!!!, at the time. Who I thought was my Prince Charming ,so I brushed the look off and we parted ways again.

The last time I saw him, maybe a couple of years ago now, he was a marrried man, expecting his third child and living well. Although I really hurt him all those years before, his smile was genuine when he saw me. I was happy for him, for his happiness. I felt,well forgiven for the wrong I'd done.

I was just wondering about him today; as we do when we think of the ones that got away. Praying that he is still blessed and that maybe one day I will have the opportunity to meet someone like this again.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Come to my window

It's cold. I do not like cold weather. I know somebody is saying 'If it was hot you'd be wishing for this weather'. Not I. I will take a warm sunny dayover this mess anytime.However, I WILL take a freezing cold day over no day at all. You feel me. Thank you Jesus!

Anyone have any suggestions for dry skin. I mean, goodness. I have always been dry but the older I get the drier I'm getting. I'm using what I always have Nivea and baby oil but it's not working. I'm looking like I work with flour and/or white chalk all day. It's downright embarassing. Suggestions are welcome!

The other day our my office was broken into and besides the computer they also stole the phones, camera, stereo. Out of all this the thing that puzzles me most is the phone. After taking inventory of things missing this put me off the most.t. I wanted to start singing that Sesame Street song " One of these things is not like the other. I mean can you even pawn a phone?Cocaine is a helluva drug!

Does anyone else feel that CyberDrama in your life means you need a new hobbie?
How is it that you can't stand someone you have never met?For all you know this person is only like this on the internet. This may be their outlet to act a damn fool and you are buying into it.

I can hear my nephew saying "thank God she isn't here to ask me three million questions" because he has started classes. And just for that I think I will add a few more...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Me and Mrs. Jones

How many times have I said I don't date married men. I never will ( knowingly) never have (knowingly).

Check this...

I dial a number it's not the correct number I say I'm sorry and hang up. Three hours laterI get a call. Asking did I call this number, I say no. Because frankly I had forgotten that I called the damn number. ( MY short term is shit). Mrs. Jones proceeds to tell me that I did call her phone because my name and number are on her caller ID. I say ok, I may have called mistakenly earlier. She proceeds to tell me how long her and Mr. Jones have been married. I'm not trying to hear all this crap. I tell her she has the wrong woman, and I'm sorry that I called and that she is having marital troubles. I hang up.

Do you know she called me again? Now I'm hot and Mrs. Jones is clearly in need of answers, counsel and meds. Strange thing is I didn't even ask for her husband.The person I asked for sounds nothing like Jamie. I explain this to her again,I also tell her that I don't have time for games or other peoples drama. She finally believed me and eventually apologized. She said " You know how it is." I felt so sorry for her when we ended the conversation because,I don't know how it is. I have been in love, mistreated, broken hearted. The whole deal. But I never blamed the other woman. I never checked my mans phone. Never resorted to confronting others.

Why are women so quick to confront the other woman, while the piece of man skates?
Why don't we put the fault where it should be? I don't understand this Shirley Brown(Woman to Woman) mentality. Did you ever really listen to the words coming out of her mouth on that song? If I had the gumption to call the other woman it would be to tell her to come get him. not trying to keep him. I know people stay in bad situations for whatever reasons. I can't knock what people decide is right for their lives. I am however thankful I have not had to compromise.

Tonight I am just praying this woman has better days ahead.

Friday, January 18, 2008

If You Leave Me Now

Ok call me crazy but, twenty plus years ago I boohoooed like a babe as I watched Angie's ( Debbie Morgan) gut wrenching performance when her man died. Jessie the kid from the rough side of the tracks who turned his life around and got the girl. Recently I heard he came back as an Angel. ( Because he died). Now I hear he is coming back again. In human form. Ummm, I see dead people. Is this a dream sequence? Am I suppose to forget? This is why I stopped watching soaps they go too far. What's next? Jenny really didn't blow up on that water ski?

Maybe we can get them on All My Children too. This storyline is as good as any.

We really need those writers back.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Six years ago when my friend Stephen a phenomenal writer by the way who truly needs to publish SOMETHING!!! , asked me if I had a blog, I didn't know what the heck he was talking about. I thought he was trying to say some undercover mess actually. But he invited me to his blog and as I read his words, I knew this was something that I wanted to do. I didn't have much to write that first day. I just knew I wanted to write. It was another outlet where I could vent. At the time I needed to vent ( which is probably why he asked if I had a blog) the things going on back then needed an audience. Either that or he was tired of having to hear my rant by his lonesome.

My crazy life was being noticed; I looked forward to coming to see who had something to say about my life. Who understood what I was going through. Who had some advice to offer. I hung in there , I made it through some crappy days. I've always kept a diary, but those are personal things. Some things I need feedback on, so this was perfect! I have run across some of the coolest, kind , sensitive, levelheaded, humorous ( nearly get me fired while reading some of you) blessed people in these six years. For those of you to the left of this post. My must reads. You guys really make my day, I am so grateful to have found you and honored to have you on my roll. Thank you for taking time out of your lives to come to the spot

Happy blogoversay to me. Here's looking to another year of good, bad , sad, joyful, uplifting, whining, venting post!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Can you stand the Rain

As stated my nephew has returned to my life. He was away for three years. When he left it wasn't under the best circumstance. He was heading on a path that our family did not approve of.So rather than be in or visit my family members in jail, we asked my nephew, what could we do to change the things happening in your life right now? What would make you happy right now? Being that my family raised him he was under the impression that the grass may be greener if he went to live with his mother.Partly because, although we never approved of his mother ways; I can honestly say that we never bad mouthed her in front of him.There was a reason he was with us but sometimes people need to find out the truth themselves.

So now that he has returned, he is a little older, hopefully wiser and fully aware of why he did not live with his mother the first fifteen years of his life. I can see the change in him. I hear him in our conversations and I read into what he is not saying. I know it was rough. Many a day I wanted to go get him. I wanted to drive up there and kick his mothers ass. But still felt that he needed to understand. He needed to be grateful for the "family" he had. He needed to see the difference in being loved and wanted and just being.

My mother took his absence the hardest. Like all her children she worried about him. I think she worried more though because we knew from jump what it would be like, where he was going. Knowing her pain was the hardest thing for me to deal with. But we made it. I feel although he is only 18 he understands now, that the rules that were in place were there to protect him. I pray the trails he has gone through has strengthened him. . I pray for his safety. He has his whole life ahead of him and so much potential, I pray he realizes this.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I Think To Myself What A Wonderful World

WOW!, The end of another year. I thank God for my life. As I reflect over this past year, I must say that I have no complaints. I am happy with most of the things and people in my life. My family is well, my job, although trying sometimes, I like. My nephew has returned to my life( Now 18 and seriously smelling himself). My godbaby is growing like a weed ( And speaking some language I will never understand ). I made no resolutions, I just take it day by day. I pray for continued blessings in my life. I pray for continued health and blessing for my family. I'm just happy I'm here to write this today. I thank each of you for dropping by and reading my words. I pray that each of you are well, happy and prosperous this new year. 2008, Thank you Jesus!!!!

Happy New Year!