Sunday, August 31, 2003

Everytime I come to this site the format has changed. Anyway I went to Philly with my sister. She is moving back there next month. I decided early on that I would not do the walking thing. I decided that we should drive everywhere. Mistake..big one. Obviously, Guido and the boys are in charge of parking and they mean to take every dime. We went to a mall ( strange mall with no parking in Center City) It cost 4.00 to park for a 1/2 hour and 4.00 each additonal half. What??? Okay, perhaps if you are a superhero ( MallMan- able to browse and buy in a single bound) you can get in and out of a mall in thrity minutes. Needless to say... I was walking again. I also realized that summer is in the north,maybe the south will get it next year. After the monsoon.

Saturday, August 09, 2003

My sister turned 26 and I feel old as dirt. Yes she has blossomed into a lovely young woman and all that....but this is the kid that I used to carry around on my hip. ..Wow. Time really does fly....I can remember carrying her like it was yesterday. I guess that's a plus...I still have my mind.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

A little girl that I used to babysit died. She was three, she drowned in the bathtub. Words cannot begin to express all of the emotions that are running through my head. I only have to believe that Jehovah wanted her to be in a better place. If you are reading this and you have children.. cherish them, watch them every second that you can. They are a precious gift from God and should never be taken for granted.