Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Self Destruction

Here goes my rant- I went to see Jackass 2. No I haven't seen Jackass 1. I should have known anything with Jackass in the title would not be funny. First, I would like to point out that it was not my choice. I would also like to point out that I did not drive. If I had, I would have only saw the first 10 minutes of this movie. What the hell is going on? I mean there is actually a market for buffoons to make money doing all kinds of outrageous, nasty, dangerous shit TWICE!! I couldn't bear to watch parts of this movie. I have never snuck into a movie, but I found myself wanting to sneak into another one last night.

I always felt if you have a venue where you could reach millions, say something positive.Do something positive. That's just me. These idiots, well I might as well call them genius because they have actually gotten away with this mess. TWICE!! used the call to act like fools, prancing around half naked doing a bunch of idiotic, juvenile pranks.This is not funny to me. I understand some guys really love this but why? Seeing people hurt or try to hurt themselves is not funny. It's sick, demented, twisted.It's a a call for help. These men should be put away for their own good. However,being that these movies have been successful, it only reinforces the fact that morals have gone to hell with gasoline drawz on. Anything goes, it's such a sad state of affairs.

I would caution parents to not let their children watch this one. I understand you cannot be everywhere, but if at all possible. Keep this one of out the home. I hate to think of a child watching this movie somewhere. I can guarantee that I will be choosing the next movie.This one lived up to it's name and wasn't even worth the two hours I can never get back from my life or the 1.50.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


I thought this cat was too cute. His hair kind of looks like mine did today. What a week! I have been running since Wednesday. I know that I have to be thankful for all the food that I ate this week. ( Need to add a day to my workouts after this one) I shouldn'type this but, I am turkeyed out. Everyone has turkey left! I didn't cook any collards this year and a sis can't buy a bowl from anyone. I take that back, there is someone I know, but she has food left for a reason. I'm not going to risk it. I will just wait for Christmas.I hope everyone enjoyed there holiday. I put up my Christmas tree today, it's a beautiful little Charlie Brown tree. I went with blue and silver this year. Mostly because I found a box of silver bulbs that I never used. But hey, it's a good looking tree. I was going to try to take a picture but my puter is missing some sort of driver it tells me and I am not about to go through trying to fix it again. Even computer repair for dummies is too hard for me. People that know what they are doing and are constantly saying " All you have to do is..." make me sick. Nevermind the fact that they aren't willing to do it themselves or pay for the costly repairs when I tear it up. I finaly got MySpace page looking like something. Check me out www.myspace.com/degorgeousone ( Sorry blogger links are not working again) I'm still trying to add my blog to the page. Having some issues there. But if you have a space add me. A sis needs some friends.... Anyway, I had a great holiday, a very nice weekend. I can't complain.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Games People Play

Every since the release of the latest gaming system by Nintendo the Wii I have seen people on the news that have lost their minds. I know that these games can be intense but damn, swinging on people. Now there was a story here where the people stood in line for hours waiting for Circuit City to open and when it finally did they were already sold out. Now that warrants someone getting a cussin'. It was cold. I'm sure somebody knew that system wasn't there. Let a sis know. Not that I am standing in line for any game.

I figure there must be something really special about a game that would make you do this. I have an Xbox. Confiscated by me because my nephew wanted to act a foolio in school after he got it.He never bought the grade up. So I got an Xbox and I played a few of the games it's all right. Too many buttons going on for me. ( I had the Commodore 64 /Atari games) I'm a Sims person. I happily play my little people and live vicariously for the moment, through them. Now there are times when I am playing for hours and I have to get up and face reality. I understand these people are hooked. I have a brother who doesn't even want to take a break to eat.

But come on, it's a game people! Shooting and robbing folks. What is really going on? Then my brother called and told me they are selling for more than quadruple the price on Ebay. Oh,I get it. It's an investment, with a quick turn around on profit. Still doesn't justify all the madness. But now I can understand why some choose to stand in line for it 5 hours before the store even opened.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Open Up My Heart

-Just one word can make a difference in what I do Lord

Ever have a pastor deliver a sermon you needed? Right after he announced what the sermon is about you thought he'was going to point and say, " This is for you so, pay attention." I'm stubborn though. I sometimes don't want to hear it. That inner voice, the doubting Thomas,that makes you turn a deaf ear to the truth. I've been concerned about a few things recently. I won't go into detail, just life lessons. I've learned that God always answers prayers. Always. The answer comes sometimes as soon as we pray. As soon as you get up you know. But we don't listen, we want to wait and see if another answer is coming. If you pray harder that he will change his mind. Kind of like when I was a child and continued to beg my parents for something, hoping against hope that the negative answer would change. Finally my mother would have enough and she would say " Not another word." Then give me the look.Trust me, that would be the end of that.

Being the human I am, I sometimes need God to give me the look. His final word on the subject. Then I know what has to be done. I find myself saying aloud "Okay Father, I get it." Whenever I go against what's in my heart, and with my hard head it's not right. And,we all know what a hard head gets ( Or at least used to get back in the day). I have no one to blame because I got the answer and ignored it. But I'm thankful for his final word. Whether it be yes or no. For him taking the time to listen, to his spoiled, stubborn child. So thankful that He guides me until I'm sure.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


This was a play. Now it's going to be a motion picture. I wanted so badly to see this play while on Broadway. I never did. When the opportunity presented itself I chose something else, thinking I would go another time. Last year I had the chance again to go see a revised cast. I didn't go, I wanted still to see the orignal. And since they weren't going to be there niehter would I. I'm not taking anything from the wonderful cast memebers. Through the years I have heard rave reviews for different cast members. But nothing beats an original. No one on this earth can sing And I am telling you like Jennifer Holiday. I must be the only person on earth who never got to see, but knows every song for this play.I had to sing I am changing at an event for school.In the process of learning the song. I learned the songs for the enitre play. As I listened I imagined the scenes in my head. I hope the film does the play justice. I eagerly await.
I don't usually see Jaime and shout, "He's Fine!" But brotha is looking pretty good in this shot.

I did finally get the chance to see part of the original cast, thanks to You tube. The best part... It was a wish fulfilled for me. By the time she hit the last note,I had tears in my eyes.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Smiling Faces

You ever find yourself hanging out with someone and wish you weren't. I went to a reunion of sorts with old co-workers. We were a great group of people when I worked at this company and I still keep in contact with most of them. But, there is always one. I never called her, never returned any of her calls and avoided her at work. Seems like she would get the message. She doesn't. She is an older woman, you know the one at work who takes on the motherly role. Thinks she has knowledge on every subject and tries to tell you what's up, from her view. I have a mother and the advice that she did give to others was wack. So I just always thought she was aggravating as hell. My grandmother used to call her type uncouth. She will ask the most personal questions, in front of everyone. She will invite herself into conversations that she is not involved in. She will tell all your business.
I take awhile to cozy up to a person. I like to watch and see if you are the type of person I want to be bothered with. If I get a bad vibe from you in the beginning, it usually turns out that was for a reason. That was the vibe I always got from her.
So, I'm making my rounds, you know working the room and I see her. I try to make a beeline to the kitchen to avoid her ass and I'm cut off. I can't turn around and go back because my girl is behind me. Aw, Damn. So I'm stuck. This is how the convo went.
She: " Hey girl, check you out. You've lost weight huh?"
Me: (Dry as hell) " Yeah a little something."
She: " Yeah,you look good. I just saw him, in the grocery store the other day"
Me: ( Still moving) "Really?"
She: "Yeah, he's looking good too. He still working for? Blah, blah blah.
Me: How does she know who he works for? I never told her. " Yes."
She: " Y'all been together for a minute. When y'all getting married?"
Me: I swear the whole room stopped. Like that old E.F. Hutton commercial. Most of the people in this room know he and I have split.At least three of them know this fool. And if she knows where he works . She knows that. I know she does.Now,I am just done. " Why?"

By, this time I have kept walking and finally made it to the kitchen. She is behind me and my girl is behind her. My girl tries to change the subject but, she is being persistent. I grab a cup and start walking through the kitchen back into the living room ignoring her. I am trying really, really hard not to tell this wench off. Although my respect for elders is weening. It is afterall, a party. I find the bartender, I need a drink. I turn around and see my girl has taken the focus off me, and I say a silent prayer. For the rest of the night I avoid her like the plague. While getting my coat she comes into the room and says " Girl don't you let ex make you sick".
Me: "What?"
She: " I just heard y'all split up.( Sure you did) That's why you are losing weight."
Me: ( staring incredulously) " Not that it's any of your business. But that is not why I've lost weight"
She: ( Actually reaching to hug me,until I put the breaks on her ass) "What's wrong with you?"
Me: "You". This broad is crazy. Then I did the best Dominique Devereaux impression that I could and walked away. She had the nerve to look hurt.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


I was saddened yesterday and shocked at the death of Gerald Levert. He and I are the same age. I don't know anyone my age that has passed and it bought my own mortality home. I cannot imagine my parents having to go through what his family is. The local radio station decided to honor him by playing his songs. I listened for awhile then had to turn it off when they played " Wind Beneath My Wings". It was just to depressing for me to listen to. I understand that we all must leave here at some point, I just don't think about it too often.

I have been blessed. I know this. I haven't had to deal with the trauma of death. I have only had to attend one funeral in my life. I can't dwell on this too long.When it's your time, it's your time and there is nothing you can do about it. So I am renewed in life and spirit. Thankful again for all that I have, for the ability to have it. I can only strive to be the best me I can be. Richard Pryor as Mud Bone said Always put a little sunshine on your face.

Today I did.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Really Gonna Miss You

Another remarkable talent. Mr. Gerald Levert sending up my prayers for his family and friends. May he rest in peace.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Who would I be

Why do parents think you don't know them as well as they know you? My parents will tell me bold face lies and think I don't know it. My father is the type to get up and move around, do something. Just for the sake of doing it. I called them yesterday and today. I asked my mom yesterday, "What's dad doing"?. "Oh, he's laying down". Okay no biggie, I knew they had an adventure at the polls so maybe he was just tired. Today he was laying down again. So I asked "What's wrong with him?" My mother quickly answered " Nothing". Yes there is, my father has serious backpain, but he won't let that stop him from doing things he shouldn't. Like climbing onto the rooof to clean the gutters. His pride will not allow him to call my brother who lives 10 minutes away to help with anything. I know if he is in the bed, there is something wrong with him. But they don't think I know that I have the most hardheaded parents on this earth. Now when I visit them, he will try to get up and move around as if nothing is bothering him. He will claim he stayed up late watching over my mother and that's why he is tired. I will allow him to believe that I believe him. I will allow him to shift the conversation from his health to my own or my mothers. Then just before I leave I will tell him to take care of himself, and remind him that I have hidden cameras in his house and restraints on order. He will laugh and promise me he will. You just gotta love them.

In other news...Federline asked for sole custody of the kids. Hmm, I wonder why he never asked for Shar's kids?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

So Gone

I have been trying to post all day! My thoughts may be scattered from little sleep so please forgive any ramblings. Today the American voter has sent a clear message.( I'm tired of this shit) This is what I try to get young people to understand, that their votes can make a difference. Of course no one knows if there will really be a change but that's why you have to understand the issues. At least the majors ones. Do I agree with all Democrats, no. Do I agree with all Republicans , Independents? No. But I weigh which candidate is closes to my thinking and vote for them. One young lady told me she would vote when there was a black candidate running for president. Well Unless Obama decides to run which he has not made mention of, that is unlikely, but what do you do in the meantime? Complain. How can you complain about something you made no effort to change?

Breaking news***Rumsfeld resigns***- Didn't see that one coming.Oh, the shock is killing me why on earth would he do that? Now we play the waiting game for Va. I hope it doesn't turn out like FL.

Every ten minutes there is a commercial on my television for a male enhancement product. Damn fellas, what's really going on? One commercial claims to have sold over one million. Well no matter we at least won't have to wonder if a man will be thinking about his tiny, shrinking, dysfunctional penis rather than the issues, in the top House seat.( We're getting closer ladies) Congratulations Madam Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


It's early, and I'm blogging because I'm awake. I should be sleeping now. I sometimes feel I'm surrounded by people who cannot walk and chew gum at the same time. I have people calling me for the dumbest shit you ever heard. I want to hang up, but that would be rude wouldn't it? I feel it's rude to call me knowing that I am asleep. I'm always asleep at this time.So why call me and ask if I was? Why not say, ' I'm sorry to wake you but, I'm retarded as hell and I need your help.I'm going back to bed and wake up on the other side. Today is my brothers birthday and I want to be in a good mood.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Reasons to be Cheerful

God loves me.My mothers surgery went great. I lost 7 more pounds. I completed 2 more chapters. My stitches healed nicely. My hair looks good. My family is fine. My peeps love me. I can still turn heads. I'm not pregnant. Today is my nephew's birthday. He's not going to be a father. My computer works. I had my carpets cleaned.I got a free movie. I whipped ass in Spades this weekend.I like asparagus afterall. My ex is beggin( rollin eyes). My bills are paid. I gave to charity. The check really was in the mail. I'm healthy. I finsihed another book. Shout outs to my girl Kathy...who is another inspiration for me to get it done. And this a storyline with a twist that you can appreciate. So if you happen to see it in a bookstore (Any store or online) I highly recommend it,not because I know her.Because she did her thing.
It's Monday ya'll. I'm here. God loves me.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Tonight I watched a show called Intervention on A&E . It followed an aspiring artist and her boyfriend ( also very talented) going through his crack addiction.His parents had already put him out, so his girlfriends parents took him in.Unfortunately, I know a few substance abusers. I know that they try to hide that fact from me. I had a boyfriend once who used to come up with the most elaborate excuses for his disappearing acts and his money as well.Try as I did to understand, I couldn't and our relationship failed. I mention this program because it actually followed this crack addicted man, while he was doing the drugs.It showed all of the pain,irrational behavior, paranoia, violence and heartache he went through , because of this drug. I think this program should be shown in schools across america. Kids don't understand the effect drugs have on a life and the lives of those around you. They don't understand how much one can lose; family, job, friends, everything that matters to you. Even if they do know, they never think it can happen to them, because they are strong. I found the content of this one hour program so gripping.It didn't end with everyone smiling, birds chirping and a happy ending beyond the rainbow. It did leave you knowing that the struggle continues.

On a lighter note... Ms. Bassett looks beautiful in her ad for Oil of Olay Definity.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

If Lovin' You Is Wrong

Recently I mentioned that my soon to be 17 year old nephew was going to be a father. Not anymore. His girlfriend miscarried the child. I haven't spoken to him about it. I know that he does NOT want to hear my mouth, I haven't had the opportunity to speak with the young lady either so I don't know how she feels about it one way or the other. Being that she is older than my nephew I am inclined to believe she wanted the child. I know that I should feel something for her because her body, mind and spirit went through a life altering change. But I don't, I don't feel sorry for the lost. I tend to be liberal minded most of the time. Where my family is concerned that changes. If he were my child, I would have questioned from the beginning the motives of this 19 year old wanting to be with a 16 year old. Forget that, if he were closer I would have. I know he looks older, however the fact is he is only 16. I understand this was kudos for my nephew to say in front of his boys that he has an "older woman" with a car and an apartment. What is the upside for her though? She gets to tutor him. Given, the boy is nice looking, tall, athletic,talented, smart ( except for this stupid shit) but also still at home,16 and jobless. Which all leads me to think she is not the smartest cookie. I pray my nephew is more cautious in the future. I truly pray that this scared him so badly he never wants to have sex again. Of course, I know it will happen. But, I can still pray on it. He has so much life ahead of him. Fatherhood will come in time. I'm just so happy that it won't be right now. He is still a baby himself, in a grown mans body. The last thing on earth he needed was a child. He has so much more to accomplish, starting with a high school diploma . So by the grace of God this was not his time.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ain't No Sunshine-DMX

Following Luke's villains post and the comment he made about me being coldhearted, I decided to make a list of movies where the character needed a killin. You know, the one's who got what they deserved and you cheered when it finally happened.

Kevin Bacon's character and his coworkers raped and tortured boys under their care...He needed a slower more painful killin'

For killing a man who could completely exonerate the main character the warden and the guard...Needed an OZ type killin

Kevin Spacey put Brad Pitts wife's head in box,that he had to open. Not to mention the other people he sadistically killed..He needed a Killin quick No help for this one.

These animals raped, beat, tortured, they even urinated on then tried to hang Sam Jackson's little girl...They needed a slow, medieval killin', bring em' back kill them again

These cops killed damn near everyone in the picture.Although they needed a killin; I do wish they went to prison.

Charles S. Dutton, Gary Busey, Rutger Hauer and others decide to hunt homeless people for sport. Ice-T gave them what they deserved Very imaginative Killin'

For killing 50's mother because he was a jealous fool and for setting him up to be murdered, Majestic( Alabeze' from Oz) ...needed a vengeful,Godfathertype killin'

Now many, many people say he had to go. He was just too rotten. I don't think he really needed a killin. But of course,I'm biased. He did deserve alot of prison time though.

The following people played the character so well you wondered if they were acting. Now maybe the character didn't need a killin, but they sure needed for someone to 'Set around and wop their asses"
Steve Harris-Diary Of A Mad Black Woman
Lawrence Fishburne-What's Love Got to Do With It

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mr. Telephone Man

Appointment: A meeting set for a specific time or place; A fixed mutual agreement for a meeting

I decided to try digital phone technology. I mean it can't be beat for the price and I knew I would save a lot in long distance. The problem is actually getting it connected. I don't know what it is about cable services nationwide, they think you have nothing better to do with your time than wait on them. Between 8-12 or 1-5. Who has time for that? I had to reschedule twice. There won't be a strike three( As DMX would say). What they should say is:

Thank you for calling XYZ cable. We appreciate your business. We apologize for any inconvenience in advance because you will be inconvenienced. We have two scheduled appointment times. Or should we say timeframes for one of our technicians to grace your home with their presence. Please keep in mind that although we say 8-12 or 1-5, we don't really mean it.That timeframe is not guaranteed. Our techs may or may not show up depending on whether they feel like it or not. We just need you to sit put, it's only 4 hours. In other words wait and see. We do not care if you need to go to work, run errands,or any other matter because quite frankly you called us. Now with that said, how can we help you today?

If they just put it out there like that you can make your own decision from jump.