Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I used to be able to dance for hours. I was< the energizer bunny. Now, I have a three dance limit. I remember power walking from parties I told my parents we had a ride home from and making my Cinderella curfew!I remember playing endless games of handball. Running a million suicides,( although I hated them and my coach for making me do them)I couldn't do one now if you paid me.Not one ache the next day. As I listen to my body snap, crackle and popping, like my name IS Rice Krispie,I recall my great-grandmother talking about Arthur.

Arthur is bold, ruthless and ageless, he doesn't introduce himself and try to get to know your likes and dislikes. He just enters your life, he doesn't ask permission to hold your hands, rub your knees, back, legs or hips. He just grabs hold and he doesn't care one bit if you like it or not. Arthur entered my life around 38, and although I've tried to leave him many times, his jealous, stalking ass won't let me be. Each time he comes back, he comes with a hard lesson he wants to teach me. When I ignore him, he becomes downright abusive, sending sharp pains my way. I swear if I could catch him slipping I would bust him in the forehead with one of my cast iron pots. He knows, and every time he gets me it's on a sneak tip.

Most days I'm fine. Something about cold weather makes him even more evil.As I am typing this, this punk is messing with me. Making my fingers tingle and numb. Making my knees throb.

I used to be able to dance for hours...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Just The Two Of Us

I'm going to talk about breast so men,turn your head if you don't want to read about my woes. I've had these breast of mine for some thirty years now. I was an early bloomer, real early. I disliked my breast at first because I wanted to be like the other little girls and wear tiny little "T" straps. I couldn't. The problem was in 5th grade there were only two other girls who had developed as much as I had and we all earned the nickname "boomboom". Boys were dumb to us then, and their fascination with my breast caused me to fight them. By the time I was fifteen, I thought I would like them but large breast and basketball was causing me some problems. Other than tapping them down, I had no choices.Lord knows I should have invented the sports bra.At least been in on the prototype.
When I had finally grew into my breast. I learned to love them. But, I still don't know when they started to take on a life of their own. So to speak. I mean I've always had to deal with men staring at them,Talking to them instead of me. Fighting with them for attention is probably why I don't wear anything low cut, nor do I show much cleavage. They just ARE, and always have been.

I know I shouldn't complain beacuse women pay ( huge sums) to get what I have been blessed with but, sometimes I wonder why. Like today for instance. Now keep in mind I don't buy any cheap bras. Those just don't work for large breasted women. But this beautiful bra I had on today,ladies you know the cute sets we buy, it was sooo pretty. But this one must have been irregular. I have a mind to take it back because something is definitely wrong. I know my size and have for some time. I've been measured for goodness sakes! When I put it felt a little snug but I figured that was because it was new. By the time I got where I was going The TWO were trying to peak out from the bottom of the cup. No biggie I figured I would adjust the strap. Lawd,what did I do that for? You ever see women with that third breast thingy going on? Well I had a fourth. Of course I was too cute, to have four breast today so, I readjusted the strap. When I did that the TWO decided to really act a fool. They didn't want to stay even or inside. So there I was Four- breasted, lopsided lady. You can't get your flirt on looking like Quasimoto (hump reversed). So I decided to call it a day. The TWO are on punishment for showing out in public and I have tossed yet another beautiful bra in the don't even think about it pile.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Rant- Michael Baisden of radio and now televsion "Baisden After Dark". Asked this question on his late night program on TVone. Do you believe that men are incapable of being monogamous? 99.999999 percent of the women in the audience said no.His response was, if women truly believe that then why are we so upset when a man cheats.One of the panelist, sorry I forget her name stated there is also something called free-will. Which I totally agree with. Am I to excuse a man for his transgression simply because of his gender. Hell NO!!!, I expect to be treated with the same respect that I give you. I expect to be honored. I expect that when a man tells me that we are in a relationship that he will do all he needs to keep that relationship strong. I expect that if he should see something else he wants to try to he will come to me and tell me so, then let me decide if I want to be involved in a threesome.9 (That would be another Hell No but tellme anyway).Everyday women are tempted, everyday we smile politely and say no thank you, I have a husband/man. Hell I even make up men. Why can't men do the same? Why can't they be content with what they have.Simply because your testosterone levels are higher? So, women with mustaches or beards cheat more than woman with no facial hair? This is not a gender flaw that is psychological. Men have been conditioned to this way of thinking. If we taught our girls the same way then, we could say that women aren't capable of being monogamous.What it really is, is BS with a capital B. I am so sick of men using this tired excuse to wreck havoc in women's lives. Why don't we try to teach our young men that its not cool to bed everyone woman who is willing. It's not cool to deceive people. STD's aren't cool, heartbreak isn't cool. Multiple baby mamas' is not cool. Soon these poor kids won't be able to date anyone, anyway because they will all be related. Why can't we try to raise young men to be chivalrous, honorable men. Why can't we instill the same values in young men, we hammer into young women?

Ok, there are some treacherous, scandalous women too. I know. Women who do not care what relationship that man is in so long as he does for her. These women sadly do not care enough about themselves to look for honorable men. They are willing, to settle for whatever because they do not have the esteem or the mindset that they are worth more. I can only pity these women and pray that they wake up.

Enough said...single me.I can't forgive and forget repeatedly.I don't have the desire or capcity to tolerate bullshit. So, single I will remain,if that's all there is.

Does anyone else find it despicable that Monopoly now comes with a ATM cash card? Do we need to dummy down our children anymore?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

If I Had My Way

Yesterday while I was listening to the Steve Harvey show,Chrisette Michelle-If I had my way was on . She sang this song and others live. This young woman can blow,sang, tear it up, rip it.This little sis(23) did things with her voice yesterday before 9 am than I can do all year. She did it so well, she impressed me so much with her vocal rnage and skills that I went and bought this album, sorry cd today. I only do that for Anita.If you are in the mood for a little Billie, Etta mixed with a little Aretha, Gladys and a heap of new school do yourself a favor.
Now you know this woman does not disappoint. Oh, by the way, in you are in NY she is playing Ms. Sophia, Sophia( such a pretty name) in the Color Purple on Broadway. Now her single Angel is very good. But Disrespectful w/MJB and Back in the day are on fire!...

I love music. You guys must know this by now. I love to hear talented people doing their thing. I don't care which genre you fall under as long as you are good. I've been dancing all morning. I better get some work done. Stay blessed!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Let It Be

So often I find myself at a crossroads, thankfully most times I have chosen the best path. I've never claimed to be a christian, but I do believe in God and I know many a day that he watches over me.I know most times I call on him, when things go wrong. But I'm not alone there. Today I want to thank him for the good things in my life, for the smile on my face.For patience. For sunshine. My family, my friends and yes even my job. LOL.. I want to thank God for my life. For carrying me and cradling me. For testing me, then giving me the answers. He knows all my flaws and he still loves me.I just wanted you guys to know I'm feeling blessed. Hope you are as well.