Sunday, February 25, 2007


-When I think of HOME I think of a place where there is love overflowing

How true this verse is for me. I don't ever want to visit the state of Ohio in the winter ever again. It was just too damn cold. I think this was some sort of test. If I made through this week; I could keep my job. You know what kills me? When people say "Oh you're from NY you're used to this". What is that about? I live in NC for a reason.It's as if people think NYers have a thermal layer of skin or something. They're immune to cold weather.. In Ohio they have freezing FOG!! I have never heard that phrase in my life.

My roomie was a native of Kentucky. I thought she was going to pass out,she was so cold. She packed for summer as far as I could tell and that weather was tearing her ass up. She was a cute, blue Popsicle. She also had this twang that was put on and driving me crazy. And she just went on and on about (Black people the best thing since sliced bread!) She even told me about the black caretaker her children had and how they just loved their mammy! I kid you not. Can you say WTF for me out loud? That was it for me. I needed to was for the best.

I think the trainer could have been a little more patient with those who did not understand what the hell she was zipping through at the moment. She was more of the type that said it once, and you had better get it because she was moving on. This woman didn't even stop when one of my co-workers notebook went offline! She also had the tendency to try an answer your question before you got it out of your mouth ( Or formed it in your head). I hate that, and I was really trying (HARD) to be cool, but I had to SAY something. I was thinking daaayummm, this is ridiculous it was as if she didn't want us to ask questions, because it would throw a monkey wrench in her schedule. On the last day she said " Well we made it and no one wanted to kill me." Don't bet your life on it honey. I know my facial expression screamed I wanted to slap you a time or two!!!. Thankfully I was able to grasp most of what she taught. What I didn't get I will just have to learn on my own.

This has been a long as week for me. I have never been happier to be in North Carolina.

Monday, February 19, 2007


I just heard Musiq's song for the first time and I love it. I'm about to get on the road. I have learned that I will be SHARING a room with someone else. Not happy about this.My company decided it's cheaper to book 20 rooms instead of 40, great. Now I'll be freezing my ass off and unable to chill like I want to...

I feel like the first day of college. I've spoken to my roomie on the phone, but never met her. She seems nice enough. I hope she's not a real chatterbox, she seemed a little long winded on the phone. Or nasty, because that would definitely be my get the hell out pass. I don't know why they couldn't book me with my girl. Oh yeah I forgot, SHE'S going to FLORIDA. .

I think I've packed enough warm clothes, scarves, hats and gloves. I checked the weather earlier, it was 18 degrees. Imagine my joy! Ok, kids I'm going to try and be optimistic about this deal Really..., afterall it's part of the job and I must say I do love my job. I haven't been able to say that for quite some time.

Stay Blessed!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

If It Isn't Love

So V-Day is upon us. Let me correct, the huuuuuusband thing, because some of you think that I'm on that track. I have that mindset. I would like to be married at this point in my life. I have friends, but no serious prospects. So being that none of them are serious, I'm really blah about them, I wish I could construct a man out of them, like one comedian said.That would be great.
I'm not going to hate on the people in happy,loving relationships. This is your day. Do your thing. I'm going to the movies and see Stomp The Yard. Stay Blessed!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Smooth Sailing

Now that the workplace is somewhat in order, I can get back to my life. Yesterday I lost my credit card. I've never lost it before. Within 1 hour someone had already used it. Damn, theives are on it! They got some gas on me. Thankfully that was all. I don't lose things. I just don't, especially money, credit/bank cards. I hold onto my things with a death grip. Of course this came after my starter died on my car. So I went into the store ( really to get a damn beer or something) because my car pissed me off but, I was still at work so I got a Pepsi. I remember pulling the card from my wallet to get to my bank card, but I could have swore I placed it back in the slot. I started paying bills last night and noticed it was gone. You know how you can feel it's gone, but want to check and recheck your steps anyway? That was me last night in detective mode.Had I moved a little quicker they may not have got me at all. Finally I cancelled it. Now I have to wait 7-10 business days for a replacement.

Next week I have to go to Ohio. Half of the company will go to Florida. But my half gets to go to cold ass Ohio. That's just great, the only upside is that I will get to visit with my nephew. Yesterday, I made defiant one, the lost one. He is out of my hair. He was incapable of working for a woman, especally a black one so, I set him free. Now my enviroment is more pleasant.

I saw the cutest learning tool for my god baby,it's called a LeapPad and it helps him with reading, language, problem solving and memory. Yeah he's only 19 months but you can never start too soon. I warned his mother when he was born, that I wasn't the one to come to for the clothing labels, but I will help with educating the boy. He's such a cutey though I still get caught in the trap.

Well, it's Saturday and I am going to take it easy, I'm getting ready to throw on some old school, clean my house, and get my groove on. Stay Blessed!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Do You Remember Me?

Boy do I miss you guys! I read as much as I could this weekend. Until my eyes crossed. I wanted to comment on so many blogs this weekend. And BLOGGER refused to let me log in. So forgive me, you know I have something to say.It's crazy that I can comment on peoples blogs who are not on Blogger. Anyway, now I've forgotten what I wanted to comment about. Y'all know my mind is bad. I can only retain so much information, and right now I'm using what is left for job training. I will say that I miss my bed ( snob) I miss cooking whenever I want. I miss my computer( I'm at work),this one is alot better than mine though. I go home on the weekends but that's going to have to stop because although I'm getting mileage my car is thinking I must have lost my mind.

I did go and see Dreamgirls again. Just for the heck of it. I was really being 'fast. I'm trying to get a Husssssssssband in 07. Yeah, I think I'm ready now. That's all for now. Did I mention I miss you guys? Stay Blessed!!!