Sunday, November 30, 2008

Can I?

Can I tell you how tired I am?

Forgive me if my thoughts are scattered. I have been running since Wednesday. I have finally realized that I am not as young as I used to be. My sister came down from Philly.It was so good to see her face. I miss her face. My brother's kids are making me feel... older 19, 16 and 10. ( where does the time go?) and my nephew appears to be growing every second with no end in sight. He's 6'6" now. Doing well, so believe me when I say God answers prayers. My 16 year old niece has grown into a beautiful young woman and the baby, 10 years old. I can see I'm going to have to kill off. Spoiled rotten! I think its safe to say my brothers genes are shit, because those kids look like their mother. So it was decided that since mom just came home from the hospital that I would do all the cooking. Crazy, I know, but I wanted to really. And I did ( my thing).
After celebrating with my own family,this year for an extra added twist I had to go to HIS's mothers house. Even after refusing everything she offered, she seems to like me; Of course I have never had any problems with parents. Thank God. I do hear some horror stories. I guess she can see that her son has found an EXTRAORDINARY, PHENOMENAL woman. Seriously, it was odd for me, this whole dating thing again, trying to build something with someone. I guess it was odd for him too. We are still new, and this our first holiday together.
Then we made our rounds to friends houses, to watch football games and mingle ( I really don't like football) but,I got to meet his boys ,their wives,significant and some not so significant others. All of them, seemed cool.

All and all it was another wonderful holiday. I thank God for my family, my friends, for opening my heart to the possibility of loving again. For my life.

Stay Blessed!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Praise Up

It's that time again. Thanksgiving, those of you that read this blog often know that this is my favorite holiday.I am in the kitchen now still cooking. I don't even mind. Two days ago I was at the hospital because my mother had a scare. Today I am in her kitchen and she is watching me cook. ( Standing guard). I am blessed. She is fine and I couldn't be happier . God has blessed this family with another holiday together I .
pray that each of you have a safe and enjoyable holiday. Eat , drink and be thankful for all you have. Love one another.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Stay Blessed!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

You Are My Friend

I am a people person. I love interaction with different types of people and feel that I can get along with anyone if given the chance. I was having a discussion with a person who informed me that he didn't have any friends. He said he only had acquaintances and he thought when people called themselves friends, they basically expected things from you.

I thought how sad. I have friends, true blue, do or die, ride or die, down for me friends. People that I can lean on tell my business, fall out with, party with, cry with and know they will always be there. I guess I am blessed.
My whole point to him was, what kind of friend are you? I have aligned myself with people who treat me the way I treat them. I feel if you act like a friend then I will treat you like one. I have had to let people that were my so-called friends go.
They did not treat me with the same level of respect that I gave them. They did not respect the relationship and therefore lost the title of "friend". They could no longer be anything to me, because once I extend my hand in friendship and you do something to soil that relationship in any way I have lost the trust that is needed to have a true friendship. Some people feel that is harsh. That forgiveness is needed. I do forgive. Don't get me wrong. Before I decide to end a friendship I look at the circumstances which led me to consider ending it. If I deem them harsh enough then it's over. I wish you well.

As I tried to explain this to him, it felt like he understood. But never having a friend in his life was a lot for me to take in. I asked him again, What kind of friend are you? He basically said he considered himself a good friend having gone out of his way many, many times only to be used. I told him he had to decide what types he choose to call his friends as well. Because friends don't use you. They don't call only when they need things and they don't abuse you in any way. A friend uplifts you when your down. Raising you even higher when your up. They are proud of you and feel nothing but love for you and truly want the best for you.

It was a bit much for him. People like this truly do exist. I know because I am blessed to have them in my life. My prayers that this young man will experience this in his lifetime..

Stay Blessed!

Friday, November 07, 2008