Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When I See You

I did the early voting today. I have to admit I am proud of myself. Three hours in line. I was a trooper for mine. I was happy in fact to see so many people in line. So many YOUNG people. So many people who were voting for the first time in there lives. It was beautiful thang.

On my way back as I was jamming to EWF and feeling pretty good. I passed a cotton field. Several in fact. You have to understand coming from NY I have never seen one, never saw one in Charlotte either. I was in a little town called Raeford NC and they had a few. I pulled over on the side of the field and was humbled for a minute. As far as the eye could see, the field went on and on. I thought of those before me.Those who had to pick this, those who had no rights, no choices. Those people who were treated less than human.Those who fought and gave up their lives in the struggle. I had to touch it guys. I hope the owners didn't think I was trying to steal it. I wasn't, trust and believe me. I have never seen a cotton plant/tree or whatever it's called,and there I was staring at a whole field of it. Surprise, surprise it felt like...cotton.

I gathered myself and got back in my car. I heard this is "Klan" county and I need not be out there too long alone. As I passed the field I felt triumphant. I felt that all those before me were proud because I voted today...for a black man with my bad black self.Sorry, I had a power to the people moment.. And before you haters start, I would have voted for BOZO the clown over McCain. I'm just saying look how far we've come...

Please VOTE!!!, Pray and Stay Blessed!

Friday, October 17, 2008

There's Hope

Hello people! I know, bad Wendy!!. I have really been quite busy. I finally made my move and things are going as well..I've never lived in a military town before. So many men in uniform...mmm, mmm,mmph!...whew....

For the most part I have been unpacking and following this political race of our lives. This is clearly a republican section of town that I have moved to. I think I have seen one Obama sign in a neighbors yard. As I pass their home I raise and pump a fist to let them know they are no longer by themselves.

My neighbor who is in the Army is quite vocal in his opinions about Barack. We have agreed to disagree on the subject.We will never see eye to eye, so may the best OBAMA win.

Other than the normal typical things we do in our lives I can add dating someone again.

I hear you guys...that's the REAL reason she's been missing. Not true, and it is really still rather new, ( the wine and roses) phase. But I will keep you posted.

There's Hope!

Stay Blessed!