Sunday, December 31, 2006

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Time Of My Life

Christmas has come and gone. I hope each of you had a wonderful holiday. I don't know what I did to blogger. It takes forever to log in on this Beta. Hopefully the kinks will be worked out soon.
My sister brought her germs with her from Philly. She is all better now though and I am coughing and sneezing. My family is a trip, full of comedians who truly missed their calling. Dinner was great for the most part. Even though I got blamed for burning up the cornbread, it was actually my sister who was responsible. Now I did slightly ( ever so) slightly burn the top of the mac and cheese. But, I can explain see what had happened was still good. My father used his camcorder the entire day into the next. So much so, by today we were like "Are you filming us again." You just gotta love him. My family enjoyed all the gifts they received. My niece is into wrestling this year. She's eight and going through a boy phase so she practically stepped on the dolls we bought her to get to the wrestling game my brother got her. He also bought her boxing gloves. They are bigger than she is.

I went to see Dreamgirls. If you haven't gone, go!!! This was a great movie. I restrained myself from singing all the songs. Everyone did an excellent job with their character. Jennifer Hudson's rendition of And I am telling you ,will bring tears to your eyes. Miss Hudson did her damn thing!!!

We lost James Brown and Micheal Evans( the 1st Lionel on The Jeffersons) and former President Ford. My prayers to their families and friends. I also have a blog friend who lost her mother on Christmas. I cannot even imagine her pain. May they all rest in peace.

You ever just look at your people and thank God that you are related to them? That's how I feel, blessed to know them. Grateful that God chose this crazy bunch for me.

Friday, December 15, 2006

It's the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

I love this time of year! Not just because I get gifts! This is normally the holiday when my entire family comes together. I can't wait to sit and reminisce with my siblings about our childhood. I look forward to cooking with my mother and her watching guard( like I don't know what I'm doing), wrapping gifts, sipping egg nog ( I'll have to spike it),singing Christmas carols! I'm like a big kid this time of year. Is it me or are people in a better mood (that could be because it's payday/bonus time too) I don't even mind my commute. The only snag in this whole season is shopping for me. Don't get me wrong. I love to shop. I just don't want to shop with the crowds, but there is no way around it.This kid right here, my god baby, I'm going to spoil. I think I'll get him something real noisy, LMAO I think his parents will really appreciate that. I wish each of your a very MERRY CHRISTMAS, and I thank God for the blessing of the spirit, I wish we could be this way all the time. For those that cannot celebrate I pray that God makes a way for them and better days are ahead.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Something Just Ain't Right

After reading God Don't Like Ugly, I quickly jump on the Mary Monroe bandwagon. I love the way she tells her story. You can relate to her characters, if you do not see yourself in them, then you know someone like them. I have purchased every one of her books except this one. Why? Because I used to buy all my books from MediaPlay, I even joined their Rewards program which gave you money back after you purchased so many items. Good deal right? I mean I was buying the books anyway so why not earn point towards my next purchase. Well MediaPlay went out business here. Taking my reward points with them. I was pissed! Some time after they went out of business I get an invite from F.Y.E( For Your Entertainment), saying they will honor MediaPlay rewards customers. Great! Mind you the only F.Y.E I know is through the woods and around the mulberry bush in West Hell. But I NEED to read, and I don't like going to the library, because I collect novels of my favorite authors and I get to redeem my points! So, I make the journey to F.Y. E. where I do not find my book in the AFRICAN AMERICAN AUTHOR section so I ask a clerk if I can order it. She says yes and I do.Today I make the journey again and my book is still not there. Although, I have a notice that says it has come in. The manager tells me that due to inclement weather their shipment didn't come and apologizes. That's understandable, but shouldn't you send the notices out after your shipments arrive? So I travel the 45 minutes ( on a good day) back home without my book. After wasting all my gas to get the stupid reward points , that I still didn't get. It's just not worth it. F.Y.E. means something totally different to me now. I'm going to Amazon...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Baby I'm Back

What Blogger and I are having is a failure to communicate. Obviously, I misunderstood some of the directions for comments html. Thank you JenellyBean for bringing it to my attention again! I accept that right now Blogger does not want me to add my own flavor to my comment section. So for now, they have won the battle. But the war AIN'T over. Once again, everything appears to be working. Go ahead and give it a shot.LOL

I am officially on the I can't wait to see Dreamngirls list. I found this site DreamgirlsThis fan has posted a countdown to opening day clock , she is serious! She also has a few clips from the movie( spoilers) and articles about the cast. This film looks great.Congrats to Jennifer Hudson for her many awards and her outstanding performance.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Lose Control

Yes I had to change my dress. My slip was hanging. Thank you JenellyBeanfor pointing out the blogger problems to me. I planned to change for the New Year, so I'm just a little early. Blogger always starts out like this..Then after I find a template, read everything related to those html codes,until I get a headache. It starts acting like this... a damn fool!

Hopefully everything is okay now. I sure hope so because I do not want to go through this again. At least not until next year.

I know my sister is screaming at the top of her lungs Please say it ain't so! But ...Allen Iverson is leaving Philadelphia.The News I'm a Bulls/Heat/Lakers fan any chance he could go to one of those teams?

Friday, December 08, 2006

Thank God It's...

Is there anyone else looking forward to the weekend as much as I am? I thought I'd end the week on a cheerful note! This is borrowed from my girl Ope' on Myspace.

If Your Life Was a Movie…..what's playing???????
Let's say there was a movie about your life.
What would be the opening credits song?


Choose One Scenario

If they showed footage from you in

A) childhood or

B) teen years or

C) early 20's

You can name up to four songs…

what would be the songs playing

and what would the actor playing you have on?

To top it all off….

Who would be playing you?

What would the name of the movie be?

My answers were...

Opening Credits…

Mahogany's Theme….Diana Ross

Teenage Moments Scenes….

Bad Girls- Donna summers

Gonna Take a miracle…..Denise Williams

Time will reveal…..DeBarge

Let's Dance to the drummer's beat- …. Herm Edwards


Izod Shirts layered ,Tale Lords,my name chain/ my Nikes with the white stripe ( a must have)and my Sheepskin. Hair feathered, and big. Dag, that took me back!

Leading Actress

Jill Marie Jones ( Toni from Girlfriends)


The Reason Why I Sing

End Credits

I am changing... Jennifer Holiday ... I added this one.

What's your take?
Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, December 07, 2006


I don't wake up with this smile.I'm thankful don't get me wrong, just not a morning person. As far back as I can remember I have hated to get up. My mother used to have to threaten me. Once she said " If I have to come in there." I would get up because(1) I didn't want her in my room.(2) It was much too early for violence. Although, I'm not in the best of moods when I get up once I get some soap&water on my body and some coffee in me, I graduate from pissed to grumpy. Around 11, I will start waking up.I start to become the Wendy people usually see, sort of like a Jeckle and Hyde. Everyone who knows me, knows this. Everyone. My co-workers have a way of getting on the very last nerve I have left though. They will they not leave me alone and let me gradually wake-up. They feel they have to talk to me about things I don't really want to talk about at 9 o'clock if it isn't work related. I don't care about your pets, kids, grandkids, or boyfriends/girlfriends right now( That's what I get for being so friendly when I am fully awake). I KNOW my face tells them this, but they ignore it. They are cheerful morning people happily moving from desk to desk and spreading their cheer, showing pictures, complimenting outifts, sharing breakfast and such. Now that the weather has changed I'm even grumpier, and I'm cold dammit. I just want to thaw out and wake up.I mind my business. I don't go from desk to desk. I am cordial and I sit down and start doing my job. So for people to approach me and say " Smile, it's not that bad". Or,"What's wrong, smile" irks the hell out of me. I want to post this pic on my wall and underneath I want it to say When you need a smile from Wendy before noon look here.Too harsh? Forgive me, it's early.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Everyday when I get my coffee from the store;I see this guy, he is absolutely gorgeous. We have come to the point now where we are conversing with each other ( About how long and horrible our days will be and coffee). He is 6'3-4, chocolate, slim waist, mustache, goatee, long eyelashes. Yes, I have checked him out. I've never been the type to approach men. But for this brother I was re thinking that. Today while we were passing creamers to each other I noticed a BAND on his finger. DAMN,DAMN,DAMN! Where the hell did that come from? I didn't even want to talk to him anymore. Believe me when I say it wasn't there before because that is one of the first things I look for. But I just had to know, so I casually asked "How long have you been married"? He said 2 years, 2 very long years. I said "Come on, it's better than being single". His face said otherwise. For me things changed.

I take it from his response that the ring wasn't there all along because he removes it. I only wonder why he stays married if he is so miserable? Why bring the drama into your life or someone else's? I'm glad I didn't approach him now. My daydreams with him are fading. All I can imagine now is a WIFE...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Long Walk

I walked a mile yesterday. I haven't walked since Thanksgiving. Talk about struggling, you would think I walked 20. With the weather change I'm finding it harder to get out there, although there is a track across the street from my home. I hate cold weather. The whole point of moving south was to get away from it. It seems it has followed me here. We don't get Long Island cold, but it gets cold.

As I was walking and thinking, I noticed a young woman there with her child. She had strapped the child into a stroller and was walking circles literally, around me. I thought, what dedication. At that point I felt ashamed of myself for not having this drive. I get so lazy sometimes. I find myself thinking of excuses to not exercise. I don't care what anyone says, I will never love to work out. This always happens when I've lost, I start slacking. Talking myself into thinking I'm not that fat. All of the people I started walking with have fallen off months ago. Of course they only needed to lose 10-20 pounds in the first place. But this young woman has inspired me. The more I watched this woman speed walk with her child the more I knew I had to keep this regiment up. So I am re-dedicating myself to me!

In other news ....Is anyone using the new Blogger Beta? Is it really any better than the old version.. Every time I log in it's thrown into my face.Let me know if you are using this newer version.

I've added my favorite Christmas song to this blog. Hearing this one always puts me in a good holiday, spirit-filled mood. Donny Hathaway's This Christmas...Enjoy!

Did anyone catch Mary J on the Billboard awards yesterday? She did her thing!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Just Call My Name

I hate the B word. I want to bust out with Queen Latifah's U.N.I.T.Y. every time I hear it. I'm no saint. I've been known to say a colorful (blue) phrase or two, but this word makes me cringe.

Websters says: Main Entry: 1bitch
Pronunciation: 'bich
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English bicche, from Old English bicce
1 : the female of the dog or some other carnivorous mammals
2 a : a lewd or immoral woman b : a malicious, spiteful, or overbearing woman -- sometimes used as a generalized term of abuse
3 : something that is extremely difficult, objectionable, or unpleasant

Nothing positive there, or anything about MEN. I guess that's where the Son comes in.

I hate when women call their friends this name and try to pass if off as love..How did this start? Who made up their mind that it was okay to accept being called this word, and it was cool?

I hate when parents call their children this, how it just rolls out of their mouths like they are saying pookie. I believe your job is to build esteem, self worth and pride. Saying this to a your child is uncalled for. Years later when they are on the couch or the pole they can thank you.

I hate when men say it.When he says it, at that point his is letting you know that you are no longer respected by him. You are reduced from human to canine, therefore he considers you beneath him. So if you are his bottom B , His gansta B, or just his B. Wake up, no one will respect you if you don't respect yourself. Even if you are acting a complete fool, there are other forms of expression. Funny how these same men will be ready to do bodily damage when you throw a quick your mother back their way.

There is no positive spin to this word. Any use of it is derogatory. Whether noun, verb or adjective it is meant to demean you. Don't accept this as a badge of pride because someone made a keychain out of the word. If you are Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented,Charming and Humorous. Then be all those things. If you are shrewd, hard and evil then, you are just shrewd,hard and evil.That is you! You might want to pray on that. But unless you have four legs, bark and Alpo is on the menu. HONOR YOURSELVES!,expunge the word from your life..

Friday, December 01, 2006

Let's Dance

Tonight I am going dancing. Well I'm going to a club, but I'm actually going to dance.No hugging the wall for this sista. No scanning the room waiting for the one to ask me. The thing about me is I don't need a partner to get my groove on. I need a beat. I don't have time to sit around and wait.I'm not holding any pocketbooks. My girls think I'm crazy but, if I wanted to sit and watch other people dance I could stay home and watch Soultrain.

I can smell the rain though. When it rains my knees act a fool. I may be two-stepping but I'll be moving. I will never understand all that preparation to sit in a chair all night. Back in the day I never sat down. For one, there was no where to sit in those crowded house parties. And two, I didn't have much time. I had a twelve o'clock curfew so I had to get as much partying in as possible. I'd dance alone, with a partner, my girls, it didn't matter. If I danced alone nobody thought it was strange.

We had the dances to master. I didn't do the alligator though. There was too much dirty in that dance for me. Never did the break dancing thing either. We had a good time. Isn't that the point? You go out with your peeps and have a good time. Relax,cut-up a little bit. I see some mean looks when I go out, just angry. Why be there if you have to look that way? I want to ask "What's the matter honey? Are your shoes too tight?"

They won't steal my joy though. I'm going to dance until my knees say, I better sit down. Then I'll chair dance. Hopefully these people will get up for something besides the electric slide . It's Friday y'all!, put on your red shoes and Dance!,Dance!,Dance!