Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Let Me Ride

Asking someone for a ride in a car these days can get you cursed out. I put $20.00 in my tank today and I got a little over 5 gallons. That is ridiculous. I am seriously considering parking my car and riding the bus. And if you live in Charlotte NC you know that is an extreme move. Gas hit 3.97 for regular in my neck of the woods. The bus is $1.30. I believe a bus pass for the week is $15.00. I'm Very ,seriously considering it. All I have to do is leave my home 2 hours earlier than I have to be there. Our transit system still is not the best. There are still places the bus does not go. It will get you as close as possible though and you can walk the rest of the way. Imagine that.

Of course that is a problem for me. The other problem would be I hate to wait on anyone. Anything. I want to go when I'm ready to go. So, now I am sacrificing. I am only driving places I NEED to go. No more trips to Wallyworld, just because. I try to get everything I need before I get home, because once I am there, its over. I'm not going anywhere.

The pump read 92.00 when I pulled up. I guess I'm fortunate my tank doesn't take that much to fill up. If that was a fill-up for that person. I guess I could form a car pool. I don't know. Maybe we should have learned from the Amish. How much is a horse and buggy anyway?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


You all know I love this game! Excuse the cliche'. Man, what is the world coming to when I have to root for the CELTICS????!!!! Back in the day, I was a huge, HUGE Laker fan. I'm talking about the 80's Lakers. I loved MJ and if you think I am talking about Michael Jordan or Jackson just stop reading now. Aside from Peabo Bryson and Debarge,my walls were covered with him. He was the only reason I ever wanted to visit LA. Then he got all married and had another major issue and that dream died. Anyway, I loved the Lakers. One of the teams that gave me heart palpitations during these times were the Celtics...the Larry, Kevin, Dennis, Danny, Robert Celtics were a thorn in my side. Around that time, I also really disliked, the Pistons.The Bad Boys,as they called themselves. Basically, any team that gave my Lakers a hard time,during finals, or beat us I disliked.

Well, right around the time that the Lakers of ol' were leaving in droves,including coach Pat; I changed my team, like everyone else in America to the BULLS. I hung in with them. Even after Mike left. I started searching again though and finally, I went with the Heat. Now they are out, Shaq is gone. I have NEVER been a Knicks fan, they always seemed to just want to go to the playoffs to me. But not actually win. I did have a crush on Charles Oakley though. And I would be a Spurs fan but "blank stare man" Duncan, creeps me out. Now, I have to go with a team that I dislike but, I would rather see them win the championship more than any of the other teams. So, it's The Celtics... The Celtics WOW...times sure do change.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Hello People!!!

Sorry I have been away so long. A sis has had alot on her plate recently and I have been unable to blog. I hope all of the mother's had a wonderful Mother's Day! Since my last post your gurl has a little drama in her life but you know what? God is good all the time and everything is working out. I am about to hit all of your blogs in a minute a catch myself up.

I have moved since my last blog and let me tell you. I never ever want to move again. I think if I have to pack another box I may have a nervous breakdown. If you want people to scatter mention to them that you are moving. I understand though because I am not helping anyone else move anything. My lifting boxes days are over. I just couldn't believe all of the crap I had in this house. Even after throwing stuff away I still had a lot of things.

I want new furniture now. I've had my eye on this set for a minute. I call myself waiting to catch it on sale but it looks like it's not going to happen.

I'm now preparing for my parents 50th anniversary.Ya'll give it up for black love that has sustained! I wanted it to be a surprise but we all know that littlewoedy(mom) had to bust that up. I am holding my ground on the caterer though. I do not want to be in anyones kitchen. I want to sit around and be cute and enjoy my parents day with everyone else. Feel me.

Anyway, that's all folks. Stay Blessed!!