Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ladies First


Educate yourself- You know all the celebrity gossip, all the housewives, all the soap operas ( well you use to anyway), all the latest dance moves. all the songs and/or raps on the radio. But cannot name  one book that you have read in the past year. Really?
Leave him- I promise you will live.
Love does NOT hurt-It's not supposed to hurt. Not emotionally, not mentally or physically. If you are crying all the time with him, you might as well cry without him at least those will be healing tears.
Don't charge it!- You really do have to pay for it eventually. Your credit follows you wherever you go, in whatever you do. Guard it!!
 You wanted to have a little pretty baby-  There are too many GRANDMAMA-MAMAS  
raising your babies while you run the street. Grandmamas unite and  say this, You had them, raise them..
 How many tatoos do you  really need?  I'm just saying.... 
On your neck, chest ,arms  under your eye,hands, on your back,toes and legs?
Wear it well- Everyone cannot wear the latest fashion trends- Please find a friend who will tell you the truth and  a full-length mirror.
You are beautiful- No matter what they say!!! Believe it!!!
Forgive yourself-  We all make mistakes, what is most important is that your learn from them and not keep repeating them.
 Love yourself- Love only God, before  yourself. You cannot leave loving you up to someone else. Be your own damn best friend, party with yourself by yourself. Dance by yourself and sing like a record deal is right around the corner.  We only get this one chance  so love yourself, all the time!!!

Ok, one more...

Be blessed!!!

Thursday, November 08, 2012


Barack Obama, President. My President. The President of the entire United States of America. It is so sickening that people cannot accept that. As I listen to and read certain comments it is becoming more and more clear that these united states have definitely become so divided in the past four years and I no longer question why. I wanted to believe for a very long time that this was not about his race. I wanted to believe that people were truly at odds with his views on healthcare reform, ( beats me why people would so hate this idea but have no problem having to have CAR insurance) his foreign policy, economics, his leadership or basically anything  but his race.But since his re-election bigotry has reared its ugly head in ways that I have not witnessed before. These people are not willing to compromise on any level . They damn near slap the olive branch out of your hand when extended. How can we heal as a nation when you are unwilling to compromise? When you are so consumed with hatred that you would rather see the whole shit blow up  before you give an inch. Where does that kind of thinking come from?

Ignorance?  Upbringing? Superiority complex? Entitlement? Let's talk about that for a moment. Romney's statement about the 47%... you know the one. I believe he got it wrong, lower/ middle class are not the ones who feel like the are entitled , clearly, White men are the ones who feel they are entitled to something. They are coming up with every excuse they can think of as to why they lost except the obvious. People would rather vote for someone who at least seems like they give a rat's ass about your well-being. Romney did not come across as being a person I think would understand my needs. He couldn't understand the struggles of the average american. He has not had to struggle for anything.  He also had some other issues , that let me know wholeheartedly that I would have never voted for him. But had he won....  Yeah , I would have been   heartbroken,and I would have been angry but I would have also had to accept the fact that he was the President. My President.  The President of these United States.I would have adapted.

How do we move forward? How do we begin to heal? Do we continue on this path of destructive thinking or do we come together and rebuild this nation. He is after all, going to be President for the next four years. My President. Your President, of these United States. Imagine if we all worked together as one.

Be Blessed peeps!!!