Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oh What A Night

There are few things I turn my ringer off for. Tonight the ringer goes off.

They're Baaack!!!

The best hour on TV, its about time.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Touch Me In The Morning

Rosemarie tagged Me

Da Rulez!

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Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
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Here goes:

1. I cannot stand when people call my home and do not say hello. Rather they say " Is such and such there?" after I say hello. This really burns me up and I correct them each time.

2. I am absolutely pertrified of all bugs. Flying , crawling , creeping, slithering it doesn't matter. The only things I want moving in my home should be human.

3. I really can sing and wish I would have done more with it.

4. Years of never going to the bathroom in public have weakened my bladder. (Is this too too much info)

5.I don't curse as much since I left my job. ( I think this is a good thing)

6. I love to hear men sing in Tenor but when they speak I prefer baritone.

I'm tagging:

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Come Sail Away With Me

My cruise was wonderful guys! Too short and I already want to go again. I decided to wear my hair in braids and that turned out to be the best choice with all the running I had to do. We sailed from San Pedro to San Diego, Catalina Island and Ensenda, Mexico. Catalina looked absolutely beautiful. I didn't quite make it too the Island ( because your gurl was partying til' the wee hours of the morning) but when I got up and looked across the ocean it filmed very well.

I sailed on Royal Carri bean, and to tell the truth the crew was on point. We didn't have to do anything but enjoy ourselves. These people were amazing. Considering they work for six to eight months straight,without a day off, I was blown away. The food was delicious and I am so sure I ate too much of it.Most of us enjoyed ourselves. Of course there is always one and that one happened to be traveling with us. It's illegal to throw anyone overboard so, being I waited much too long to take this vacation I would not allow her to steal my joy. She was just a miserable person and we avoided her like the plague.

The only complaint we had was a certain foul odor in the hallways to our rooms. Once we did it was taken care of. Again the crew was on point, Unfortunately there were no men. Okay there were men but they worked for the cruise line and could not fratonize with the guest, although we tried!. There were other men too, the ones I hung out with. But they wanted nothing to do with me or any other woman. I just don't know what it is about me. I'm a magnet.I think it's my boobies. The other men were taken, and there women had the don't even look this way stare. No problem girlfriend. oh, I forgot about the grandpa crew, one was actually sleeping during dinner. Okaaaay...So I live and I learn. Although the staff was wonderful this is not the party, SINGLE crowd I was looking for but all in all I had a blast. Pics coming soon... Thanking my God for a safe journey. Stay Blessed!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Bad Mamma Jamma

I'm just praying I can get to my ship. They way these airlines are shutting down or being grounded it's damn near a crap shoot. First I had to get over my fear of cruising, because I cannot swim. But I figured if I ever wanted to get anywhere I would have fly to and/or Cruise to these beautiful places I want to see. So I'm being adventurous, but believe me I will be aware of the closes lifeboat to my room. God forbid that I need them, but your gurl will be prepared. Now, the airlines want to act a fool. I will be leaving the day before so it really shouldn't be a problem. I'm taking this much needed mini cruise. I figure if I can make it for 5 days then, the next time I will shoot for the seven, I still want to go to Ochos Rios, don't know why, I just want to go. I've been trying to plan outfits for my cruise. You guys know a sis has to coordinate. I'm excited, I'm just thinking about the weather it's really going to be hot but, I was told on the ship it can be breezy. So I am packing a little bit of everything. The only problem with this is space in the cabin. I've been told and read from previous cruisers that the space is limited. So I can't fall in the joint with nine pieces of luggage. I'm also told you can't bring an iron. What is that about? I have the cutest travel, steam iron I wanted to pack. So my plight remains, how do I get all of the outfits I want to wear including FORMAL WEAR, plus shoes and accessories into two bags? Lawwd, I don't see it, so I need you to help me.

The next dilemma is my hair. I want to wear my own because it's going to be hot, but then I quickly reminded myself how my own hair acts. I don't want to be an outcast on this cruise. Have people asking my friends, "What's up with your girls head?" Have people pointing and laughing at me. No, that would not be cool. I could go with a half wig and then at least half of my head would get some air but then I would have to fiddle with my hair at some point. Which leads me to braids.The only problems I see here are getting them done.( I have a big head yall). But I am definitely leaning this way. I think this will be the easiest and the best way to keep my Bad Mamma Jamma going.

I'm just excited so forgive my rambling on, you guys know I have tell you all about it! Stay Blessed!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

You Know and I Know

My post recently haven't been the most uplifting post. I know. Thank you for still coming while I went through my little funk. .... So ,I have been trying to put a spin on the energy. Looking at the bright side, knowing that my circumstances could be so much worst.So this post is about praise and song and letting God do his thing, that he has already planned.

As long as I can remember music has been the vessel that I chose to soothe my spirit. This post is titled after BeBe&Cece Winans track from their Different Lifestyles album, The words hit home for me and helped me to remember that no matter what my God has my back.

I found these gems today on You tube. The first one I was really happy to see again It's a clip from a show that aired in the 80's Called Sisters in the Name of Love. My original tape of this show was mistakenly erased.

And this is just because it's Ms. Holiday and her voice.( This is not And I am Telling You)

How can you not feel good after listening to these?