Thursday, March 28, 2002

Well here I am. My neighbors decided to have a knock down drag out fight this morning and now I can't sleep. I guess I can thank them for the bags under my eyes tomorrow. They can thank me for not calling the police on their behinds. Going back to bed now...grumbling all the way.

Monday, March 18, 2002

I do not watch soap operas anymore. I haven't since Jessie and Angie were the main story line on All my children but, since I purchased The Sims I have been tuning in to the daily lives of the little people. I manage them quite well... If only my life were as simple.

Tuesday, March 05, 2002

Ran into an ex today. Didn't mean to. He just spotted me before I could make my getaway. He waved hello and I waved back and kept walking. Why would anyone think this was a invitation to come over and attempt to converse? I just want to get my cucumbers for this salad I don't want to eat and go home. Yes, I'm still here, breathing. Imagine that. No, I haven't heard from your cousin...she owes me money,stole my property.Why on earth would she call? I don't care if you FINALLY got the divorce you told me you had when we met. No, I will not call you. I haven't in fours years...Any bells going off yet? Poof !...On a brighter note, those cowards I used to work for dropped their suit...That was smart. However, I will not be dropping mine. Why? 1) Because I have suffered far more than anyone should have to. 2) I have enough evidence to keep them in court for years to come. Wiz moment....So you wanted to meet the Wizard?

Sunday, March 03, 2002

I need to walk more, I knew that already but, this weekend really let me know how much. While walking down South St. in Philly, looking for a spoken word Cafe named Tootie's my back suddenly decided to disconnect from my body. I don't know when it decided to, but it screamed defiantly, " I'M OUT! I'M NOT TAKING ANOTHER STEP!" I was bent over in front of a store praying for a seat, ANYWHERE. I wanted to cry. It was so embarrassing. Then, Sabastian takes my arm and tries to help me along, like some old woman. I wished the earth could open up. My brother,sister and nephew ( family yanno?) , no help at all. They had... jokes, but that's okay. At that point, I did not care. I did not laugh. I had walked 15 blocks and I couldn't take another step if I wanted to. The furthest I walk, is to my car. My back is hurting thinking about it. I have learned my lesson. I will start walking again. Besides, THE WALK , the trip was a good one. She is happy so am I. I didn't cry... My brother ( Mario Andretti) , got us home in record time. He has the need for speed. I didn't complain... much. This is a good time for us...blessings all around.