Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Just when I thought my job was going to get the best of me, I made a simple suggestion and they loved it. I love it... I suggested that we split the prospects. Simple, but this will ease my mind. I have my very own people to deal with. I am no longer going back and forth. I no longer have to answer for anyone else's numbers. I know that I am supposed to be part of a team but, if I have to crash and burn; let it be because I didn't do my job. Not someone dropped the ball so we all have to suffer.It's bonus time...crunch time. I really don't feel like part of a team, and finally I have the chance to prove myself , my worth. Now if one of my co-workers will keep their ass away from my files...this will work.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Ron O'neal died of cancer last month (otherwise know as Superfly). He was also Whitley's father on A Different World. Rest in peace brother. Today I was marketing for the company and sometimes I feel like I'm beating a dead horse. I'm going to all these chamber meetings and luncheons, making all these contacts and I just feel like I'm hustling backwards. For everyone one that we bring in 2-4 leave. So what are we doing about retention? Nothing! When I mention this in our meetings I'm looked at like I have two heads. All they have to say is...We have to market more, we have to get prospects in here! It's not rocket science people. ( positive) 1 and ( negative ) 2 leaves a ( negative) 1. I think we learned this in first grade.I'm working over , under, past and through time, for what? Lord, please let my business pick up.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

As I am preparing Sunday dinner I am having my own Old School Revue "Up in Here". What ever happened to Sybil, Vicki Sue Robinson, Junior and Col. Abrams, Miki Howard, Chic , Force MD' list is endless and if I'm dating myself I don't care. This is good music! Is meatloaf still singing? I think he's taken to acting now. Back to the music...Kool and the gang,Hall and Oats, Air Supply, and Parliment-Funkadelic.. here I come

Saturday, March 06, 2004

Would they throw my ass under the jail and throw away the key if I was found guilty for dumping my stock a day before it went belly up? Answer... Hell Yeah. Didn't even have time to blink before you answered that one. Will Martha serve any serious jail time.. I doubt it. I bet she has really good credit.

My car died today...I have been watching it day by day try and sputter along and slowly take me to and fro. It was a good sturdy car. I appreciate the effort it made to hang on. As we were sitting together for three hours ...THREE DAMN HOURS...waiting for a tow truck, I let him know that he would be missed. Now I have to go find another, one who will hang on at least half as long as he did. Goodbye long.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Without looking at the word only hearing it. I chose to help my nephew with his vocabulary. Surely, I had forgotten that words can sound alike but be spelled differently and mean different things. The word... Eminent. I tell him, because he did not know what it meant. "What if someone says to you that you are in imminent danger if you walk in front of a truck?, Does that help you?." He said no it didn't because he was looking at the sentence used in the book. So of course he was confused. I said " Okay look it up in the thesarus and see which words are similiar". He said it says ...famous...prominent...projecting...conspicuous. I say.... because it still had not clicked.... " Well the thesarus is wrong because that is not what imminent means!"... By now he is thinking I have slipped off the deep end. So I walk over and actually look at the word. ....OH!......However, I am willing to admit when I am wrong. Websters... I apologize.