Sunday, May 23, 2004

I'm venting... Having a MEAN OL' LION Wiz moment.I know that the shit is soon to hit the fan. I know this because there are many changes taking place. The changes are coming from headquarters. I had overtime this week that I won't be getting because I was made to leave early. Everyone was made to leave who had overtime, except V. Who I am beginning to believe has something really juicy on N. Hell he must have pictures, audio and video tape! I mean I could understand if I was the only one complaining. But the entire office! C'mon damn. He even had the nerve to tell her he didn't like working with certain types of Mexicans. Had I said something like that, I would have been fired a second after it came from mylips. I would have to be absolutely out of my mind to listen to the double talk coming from my boss' mouth. "Everything is fine. No one is jeopardy of losing their job. Were all safe here." But in the same breath say we need to find a way to quickly generate more business! I am at the point now where it's a struggle to go in everyday. I should never be at that point, no one should. The shit is getting too deep.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Well it has taken one month for everything to come to a head. I knew it wouldn't take long. As the saying goes...he was given enough rope to hang himself.