Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Loving You

Happy Valentines Day!!!
Silly me, I asked a few gentlemen if they are ready for Valentines day. I got an ear full. Of how "the man" has made this holiday up. ( Aren't they all man made?) and how this is a day for women and men are made to feel badly if they don't get their wives or girlfriends SOMETHING. They went on and on about how they are doing it everyday for their wives and girlfriends and how this day shouldn't be any different from any other. How this day is for the suckers, who made mistakes and this is a day to make up for those mistakes. BULLSHIT!!!, I say. My parents were married for over 50 years and my father NEVER missed this holiday. My mom has been deceased nearly two years and my father still bought a card and placed it next to her Urn. What is wrong with a day all about LOVE? What is so wrong with acknowledging it even more so today? They argued they paid the mortgage, they paid the light bill. WTH??? Don't you live there too?I'm not taking anything away from the men/women holding it down and doing their things. I'm just saying there is nothing wrong with celebrating that love you have for one another today. Whether it be with gifts or not.Spending quality time together I'm sure would be appreciated by many more than flowers or candy. Watching the kids while you go out. Or even washing the dishes after our meal . It doesn't have to be monetary. That is where I think the confusion comes in with men.If you are really doing all the right things, then even to women this is just another day. But we are sentimental creatures and a card( bought or made. a poem or even an " I love you" written on the steamed up mirror will pull at our heartstrings. With all that is going on in the world, we need to grab every chance we can get to say I love you and you mean something to me.It's not just for women, we are just more appreciative of it, I think. I just don't know how this day became so negative to so many.


The Poet Says..... said...

I Love my wife, and yes I did buy her something nice to show her I love her. But she knows I love her the other 364 days out of the year. I don't really do the "Holiday's" but I respect what others do. I love the topics you choose to write about, it keeps life issues in a special place for me.

Blu Jewel said...

I can't say I'm a huge fan of Valentine's Day and like The Poet, I can't say there are many holidays I really get into. I respect those who enjoy V-Day, but I don't respect the pressure so many woman put on men. I think love is a year-round event and really shouldn't need a day to celebrate it, but if the card, gift, or whatever sentiment is expressed without pressure, expectation, or predjudice, then that makes it really special.

I was surprised to find flowers and a card on my desk when I came to work this morning and thanked my man for his thoughtfullness as I know he did it because he WANTED to and not because he HAD to.

Happy Love Day Wendy.