Wednesday, October 10, 2007

If I Had My Way

Yesterday while I was listening to the Steve Harvey show,Chrisette Michelle-If I had my way was on . She sang this song and others live. This young woman can blow,sang, tear it up, rip it.This little sis(23) did things with her voice yesterday before 9 am than I can do all year. She did it so well, she impressed me so much with her vocal rnage and skills that I went and bought this album, sorry cd today. I only do that for Anita.If you are in the mood for a little Billie, Etta mixed with a little Aretha, Gladys and a heap of new school do yourself a favor.
Now you know this woman does not disappoint. Oh, by the way, in you are in NY she is playing Ms. Sophia, Sophia( such a pretty name) in the Color Purple on Broadway. Now her single Angel is very good. But Disrespectful w/MJB and Back in the day are on fire!...

I love music. You guys must know this by now. I love to hear talented people doing their thing. I don't care which genre you fall under as long as you are good. I've been dancing all morning. I better get some work done. Stay blessed!


Minerva Exertion said...

That Chrisette Michele is that Fire!!! I love that cd. Now the verdict is still out on Chaka's cd.

Luke Cage said...

Chrisette Michele is the truth luv. I'm rocking her joint right now!